Young independent and grow up easy success


Independence, discipline or the child’s creativity does not come naturally and which need to be reminded constantly nurtured. Creating opportunities for youth to assert themselves, teaching them lessons about choices and decisions will help them succeed as adults.

When teaching children, there are some golden rules you should not be ignored.

Young independent and grow up easy success1. Children have to do the basic

When the children were able to sit and hold objects, this is the time children can have eating alone. Too to indulge a child make they are easy corrupt and rely on other. Self-feeding infants, food scattered areas can cause contamination, but that’s a good opportunity for your child’s forged independence.

Especially, if child does not want to eat, their parents should not be pressing. Teach your kids that parents will not meet all the requirements of the child. If you do not eat this now, you’ll have to wait until a certain time have a new food. After of times, children will realize that they must now eat food, otherwise you will have hunger to wait for meal after.

By kindergarten, teach children how to dress, personal hygiene, self-toilet … Some habits seemingly simple, but it has helped children form good character later.

2. Definite reward and punish

Be clear on the issue bonuses and penalties for children to always be encouraged, be aware of their responsibilities and strive to know. Gently point that children do not good and  take advice for what you’ve made the effort, as well. Only so can your child be able to consider and decide to act alone.

3. You to stand up when they fall

Mentality  of parent usually sting  when child fall, parents rushed to lift child up and utter a cry of pain. Parental actions that easily form habits dependent of children when they come of age, depriving the right get in touch with something, experience and hinder the development of children. So if you are falling, not hurried to support now that just encouraged child, motioned child to stand up and automatically go forward.

4. A world alone

Many parent concept ‘sleep with child that feeling’. But in fact the child should be learning how to lull themselves as soon as possible. If sleeping together, parents usually sniveling to request embrace. So child will form bad habits requires midnight wake my parents coddle. In contrast, separate sleeping help infants balanced when awake do not see parents, children will fall asleep.

5. Strict

Young independent and grow up easy successThe children will eat and, crying when their demands are not met. But it is inevitable reflection of all children. A good kids or bad depends largely on the behavior of their parents.

See you crying, the parents rushed the child to meet the requirements, their parents have unwittingly encouraged and allowed their child controls. Once, twice … children would use tears as ‘weapon’ menace parents, then, children will always eat and cry when a claim anything.

Therefore, say ‘no’ in a strict and explicit with children. You can leave away, leaving young children cry to see that not everything they want can get tears or anger to demand.

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