When to start reading for baby?

Many parents perceived that children are too small should not be aware of when parents read to listen. However, experts in the world suggest that children should read to hear as soon as possible to hear and read many will contribute a lot to the development of children. 

Reading book for baby

When should I start reading to baby hear?

Never is too soon. Academy of Pediatricians recommended that the United States you should listen to children read every day from when they are 6 months old, it is about time baby started to like the see the book with you. But Jim Trelease, experts on the long read and is the author of the book Read Aloud Handbook, said that, you can also start when the baby birth. No problem about your child’s age, it’s the time to read the baby will listen to you wonderful opportunities to close, cherish and create durable links with the baby.

Why read good children?

Play reading will help children build vocabulary, stimulate imagination and enhance communication for children. What you are reading for hearing, will better for the growth and development of children. Research indicates that, language skills and even intelligence, is related to many words that the child be heard every day.

In one study, infants with parents often talk with many children (average since 2100 of hours) when the child reaches 3 years old then the standard items on the test higher than children with parents they not have many conditions to communicate with. May explain the relationship neighbors neighbors while walking with the baby or name the parts of the body of the baby shower for your baby … is also a good way to chat with children. Reading is an interactive language interesting to children.

Should read what she heard the baby’s birth?

For several months, your baby will be selected on the rhythm language, not content. Therefore, when reading for hearing children, you can read anything – children books, magazines, or even novel you’re incomplete reading

Baby can enjoy the first pictures with garish colors, bright, so you should hoard more books multiple images.

When children are past the age profile of the types of books will do the best for baby?

Let the baby be shown. The book, with drawings and beautiful color with easy to remember words, attractions sure to make sure the baby happy. With obstreperous child, hard cover books or types are available in types of wires will be less wear old baby and tear. Some children like books with pictures, while the child other than the preferred model, actions and images of objects are hidden below the fold. (Do not select any rights too fragile, tear easily). Once you know the preferences of the baby, try it with a book. Your child will certainly enjoy the entirely different from each other together.

Your child also may be a voice reading ‘a’ , ‘b’ exacerbates and playful as such poetry. Them easy to remember, so you can modulate them in daily activities with children.

Videos and books on tape is like?

The child must feel a relationship of love with the words being heard or they simply filtered from the language, so not to with all kinds of TV or reading. “As for the activities of parents with children, it is important that attention, Betty Hart, a professor of personality development at Kansas University in Lawrence, said.

For video, the most experts say that it is best for children over 3 years old. “Put the child in front of the machine neglect, separated children,” Eveline Carsman, editor of Children’s Review, speech. In the opinion of her, movies for children can not return the abandoned baby alone to see them.

Should try to teach children to sound words and presence right from the start?

When you hear children read early, children will focus on the entertainment front, not to teach the word. The teaching of the word, sound, and can sound more interesting with the baby at the time. If you read enough to hear the baby, finally – when the baby is ready – the baby will be a connection between the sounds of words and the words on paper. During this time, let children enjoy listening to the sound that you read over the meaning of the article read.