When you start to talk with baby?


Communication is a basic operation and characteristics of man. Communication helps children develop intellectual and social skills. How to communicate well with adult children, helping them to develop as the child’s spoken language is limited. The following are tips for parents.

When you start to talk with baby?

Talk with your child and find the child’s body language

From birth, adults has to communicate with as a child who knows, but that child has no need to communicate: talk and asked the child, loving children.

Talk with the baby do not  with aim to help children speak earlier, but to stimulate the child’s communication needs grow, helping the brain of children receiving the information rich and varied outside. That will contribute to forming a system in children conditioned reflex formation of connections between sound with gesture language, gestures, images and movement …

For example, while feeding the baby milk, both hands holding bottle feeding the baby just said “mothers breastfeeding right! For this fast growing ! … The word” milk “was repeated several times with milk you feel, shape and color of the milk that the child looked to be remembered.

Later, when pronounced organ develop, children will use the information collected easily load it like this game. Gradually, the adult has stimulated communication needs of the children appear. Children will have the appropriate reaction responded, look attentively at somebody, stop motion, stop crying when adults take voice, laughing, listen with a gaping mouth,looked at by or respond to the sound response of adult conversation.

At first the child still passive, but eventually the child actively engaging the attention, stimulating people to talk, care about them: first by crying, by the gestures of hand, put hand want to entice younger audience … later by the sound, cry, finally verbally.

Although not speak, but children absolutely know what they want and how they find expression, that is trying to communicate with young adults around to communicate what they want to say but not speak.

Everything that happens in the world around them were observed and recorded. Children use language to express their own perceptions and feelings. They call their language and gestures that children use the language of symbols.

Adults have the task of trying to decode the message they want to show, trying out what they want, then re-expressed in spoken languages.

In other words, adult learn children’s language and helping young adults learn the language.

Use toys to communicate with children

Adult toys can be used to communicate and converse with children. That presence of adult attention to children’s toys. Children look at the movement of a toy, listen to audio,stretch hand, grab, crawl to toys.

Gradually, after hearing adults asked: Where Dolls, where cars? Children have responded reaction. Games like hide and seek, hide the toy and then suddenly appear to them will make your child extremely interested. The stuffed animals will help form and train children in skills-social gesture cuddle: cuddle, soothe, lull, carry in one’s arms, feeding …

Using picture book to speak with children

When a child is 2 months old, we should familiarize children with books, time books for young children see when we hold hands while talking to the child.

When the child was 6 months old, we can just point to avoid talking, or we can ask children questions: “…. where?” to children find  and see picture. Grow up, we teach children open the picture.

In short, between adults and children when young, should have good interaction to create good start. We should talk to children as soon as possible. Scientists have proven that the best way to help children develop their thinking is a guide to show us around the world with symbols, with different sounds.

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