The youth age group covers teenagers between the age of thirteen and nineteen. Despite the fact they are much too old to use children’s play areas, there is still a need for them to have their own outdoor space where they can hang out and have fun.

If you are thinking of building an outdoor play area for the youth age group then it is best to consult them to find out what sort of things they would be interested in using. You can then develop their initial ideas and create something user-friendly for their age group. In this article we will examine some of the most popular ideas and equipment for youth play areas.

What to Include in Play Areas for Youth?

Youth shelters provide a space where teenagers can hang out and listen to music.



More and more councils are now creating youth shelters to install at their local parks. These are sheltered areas where people can interact and have fun. Many of the shelters now feature radios and Bluetooth equipment which is powered by solar panels. This means that teenagers can go there to hang out with their friends and listen to music. The shelters are soundproofed so that the noise does not cause any disruption. There are many benefits to building youth shelters, which include a reduction in crime and a safer community. The shelters can also be built for the use of adults and children too.

Skate parks

Skate parks are very popular with the youth age group and are found in many outdoor play areas. By building a designated skate park for individuals to use, you will prevent the benches, hand rails and steps in your park from being used as skate ramps and jumps. The skate park you design should be tailored to meet the needs and requirements of the youths using it. It is a great idea to get their input, especially if you have no experience of skate boarding yourself! It is essential that the surfaces you lay down are slip-resistant to help to prevent accidents and that the equipment is weather proof and resistant to vandalism.

Outdoor gym equipment

Unfortunately by this age many teenagers will have dropped out of organised classes and traditional spots activities. There are not enough youths leading active lifestyles, with many choosing to play on their games consoles and interact with their friends online, rather than getting some fresh air. Part of this is because there is a lack of places for them to go. By building an outdoor play area specifically for youths, you can get them having fun outdoors whilst also helping them to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Installing outdoor gym equipment in your youth play area is a great way to attract visitors and encourage them to get fit. There are many fun fitness activities that teenagers will enjoy doing by themselves or in competition with their friends. With a wide range of outdoor gym equipment to choose from including pull up bars, air walkers, cross trainers and exercise bikes, you can create a whole gym area that is as good as any indoor version!

What to Include in Play Areas for Youth?

Gym equipment is popular with adults as well as the youth age group!


Before you begin building an outdoor play area for the youth age group, it is essential to get local people between the ages of thirteen and nineteen involved with the design and to think of the safety precautions when designing an outdoor play area. You do not want to risk creating something that is too young for them as this may seem patronizing. You also want to make sure that what you are building is something that they are going to want to use. Not only will youths benefit from having an outdoor space that has been specially designed for them, but the community as a whole will also benefit from levels of reduced crime and anti-social behaviour.


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