What foods children should limit?

Much of the food, beverages below are the parents assess the nutrient-rich but in reality is very harmful to children.

What foods children should limit?Acidic foods and evidence alone

Acidic foods is not only food but also sour meats, eggs and sugar. These foods usually is very nutritious, but they eat more, through metabolic processes in the body will make the blood vessels are also acidic. Eating too many acidic foods will form the physical acidic, which makes the nutrients involved in the development of the brain and maintain physiological functions such as calcium, potassium, magnesium consumption, which affects mood, making the children with the disease alone.

Solution: Adjust the structure of 3 meals, reducing the rate of protein foods, fats, sugars, increase alkaline foods such as vegetables, fruits, making the acid alkaline levels in the blood back into balance to help “liberate” children from the evidence alone.

The powders and myopic patients

Many parents of young children regularly eat rice flour, wheat flour. Nutrition experts believe that eating too little powder mill in a long time will lead to vitamin B deficiency, affecting the development of the nervous system. In addition, because they take too much Cr (Chromium) which influenced the development of vision, one of the main reasons causing myopia. Cr is an important hormone in the body, if not enough will cause the flexibility of insulin decreases, the ability to regulate blood sugar decreased, which causes myopia.

Solution: Every day your body needs 50 to 200 mg elemental Cr from food while refined foods such as rice flour, wheat flour has been diminished to 80% Cr. Therefore, children should eat whole grain rice cooked (cooked and grind) to ensure sufficient quality.

Coffee, tea and height of babies

In coffee, tea contains caffeine, which many caffeine again caused problems for the development of young bones. The children regularly drink coffee, eat cakes made from coffee, there would be at risk of “dwarf.” Parents should not underestimate this problem.

Solution: Often the child drink water or natural juices, so less exposed or not exposed to coffee.

Chocolate and wet the bed
What foods children should limit?
Chocolate is proven to have many health protection functions (heart protection, cancer prevention, weight loss, generate excitement) so many nutrition experts suggest should be used. Therefore, nutritional chocolate theme gradually heating up and become a food up to date. However, children should limit the use of chocolate, if not likely cause bedwetting. Body young children should eat plenty of chocolate will make an enlarged bladder, the bladder becomes rough, contraction occurs not active. Chocolate at the same time also caused deep sleep when the bladder filled with urine can not wake up, the long gradual onset enuresis.

Solution: You should eat less for children and drinking chocolate, especially at bedtime.

Dried fish and a yellow tooth disease

Dried fish is made from fish, not only rich in nutrients (protein, calcium, phosphorus), but also delicious. However, experiments, content of fish flour in 2400 was higher than beef, goat meat, pork and more than 4800 times that of green vegetables and fruits. Flour chronic poisoning first affects a child’s dental development, making the teeth without the shiny white, the face that appears black spots, pattern, may be yellow, cause disease black and gold teeth . Once the teeth have yellow spots forming flour is no way to recover.

Solution: You can make snacks in between meals, do not do food “long time” for the child.

Cold food and disease intussusception

Every summer, hot weather, kids usually request drink cold water, but requires a child’s intestines are very thin, less fixed capacity, each stimulus was cool map, very easy to cause a contraction in the bladder, intestines, which causes intussusception and intestinal obstruction and even cause harm to life.

Solution: You should drink less cold food for children, especially infants under 2 years should be more limited, countries should avoid absolute gas, ice cream only occasionally eat a few pieces and should not eat before a meal, 1 hour after eating a meal is most appropriate.

Drinks or food from the refrigerator just for a moment that should be feeding children.
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