What do you do when children asked to buy toys

Preschool-age children have access to the outside world, including friends and teachers, known variety, model toys in your class or other, leading to the need and require the kind of toys.

child buy toys -What do you do when children asked to buy toys

To avoid the child always whining asked for the toys, parents should develop a system to accumulate bonus points to be converted into a toy.

– Step 1: Parents agree with them on a number of tasks, the behavior you want them to do the best in the house.

– Step 2: For each task, parents discuss with their children to determine the number of points (Example: In the morning I get up early and it will be 3-star bonus points, the evening sitting at the table eating dinner when mother called: 2 stars bonus, if I sat down to study after she mentioned once in the evening will be a star bonus points) …

– Step 3: Talk with your child about the rewards and the number of star points converted. For example, the 3-star bonus points you will be eat snack or watch a cartoon; 5 bonus points can be exchanged for 15 minutes ipad games; 20 star bonus points you will change a toy…

If agreed, would put an end to the whining demands of their children’s toys.

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