What do newborns like?


What do newborns like

Immediately after the child was born, midwives and doctors will suck mucus, wipe dry with heat lamps. Your doctor will check the status of all children, disturb, to inject anti-blood, the same eyes, weights and measures … Then, if children ruddy healthy will be located next to mother and to encourage breastfeeding early. Early feeding about 30 minutes to an hour after birth to overlap and m
ilk can help in better compensation. Children will be the mother of the room, put in place is sleeping next to mother or shared bed with her mother. Noting that in this period the child could be assured, is not breathing rhythm. Quality dance left the movement can mouth, nose. Therefore needs to children in the safe: first bit low, leaning to one side of the exit vomiting, and not go back to the lungs. Nebulous children must be careful, if infected with cold, children will be in the blood. Often need to observe, detect the child’s unusual to process in time. To ensure prevention for children, it should prevent tuberculosis BCG vaccine and medication Poliomyelitis dressing room after birth (day 3). All children are immunized prevention. Except a few cases in the non, light weight or medical treatment are antibiotics will be vaccinated later, in the first round when they re-examined in the clinic children. If conditions are so immunization hepatitis B virus to children.

During this time, every 2-3 hours you need for feeding young once. Each about 10-20 minutes per breast. Children will have the show for you when hungry. Feeding the children will meet the needs nutrition, it helps you a stable source of milk. Newborn sleep much. However, children can not sleep over time as you want. Night, you wake up to lost sleep and is normal. Children will sleep longer at night and be early to bed later than within 5 weeks.

At this time, children need to change clothes and clean diapers clean regularly. You need more clothes and diaper for children. Should use all kinds of natural fiber fabrics, garments easy to wear style, easy to watch. Most babies are like mirrors. But the day surely both mother and child are feeling confused, just like just do not like.Newborn many do not like the feeling of being rob. Yourself you may have feelings of concern when you hold small baby’s body . In the first week, you can only hygiene (wipe with warm water) and then each section on the bottom to keep

children are clean. Children should bathe once a week and can shampoo 2 times a week. When the mind, to ensure the rooms warm, just warm water (test with the elbow) and height is about 10cm of water. Newborn drench around 2-3 minutes is enough. Lax out, swathe and dry hair. You can dab a little powder on the skin then wear clothes and clean diapers for children. Remember midwives care for children navel daily (insecticide navel and replace with clean). Use wet antlers or towel hygiene gums, tongue, mouth for children.

Please cut short nails, nail to children can not scratch his face tray. Now, children’s soft nail ,the best type to use for pulling skive for children. You should note always cut the curve of nail, if undesirable two fringe parties will m?c up pricking your skin. After cutting, you check the edge . If children or turnstile, you should wait until children go to sleep say cut.

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