Games useful for 3 - year-old children

One of the game “forte” of the girls are imitating her mother cooking with leaves, sand … Your task is to spend time playing with children.

3 year old baby is hyperactive at first because I want to explore the world around them and myself. Please refer to 10 games below to play just the same, just teach children many skills useful:

Building the game: With the full color plastic bricks, they will build a doll house, railway … This game helps your child make up forging skills cubes.
Train memory: Place the item in 5 in a tray, including: spoons, cup, small toys, pencils and strategies. Let the children remember he fifth item in a minute. Then use towels and India and see how much memory your baby things.
Clap the rhythm: First, you clap a simple rhythm and protect baby repeat. Through this game, you can detect baby has not been proof read that slow.
Identify in the letter: First, you need to prepare a letter (in wood, plastic). Then, write a letter to the paper and try to protect your baby find.
Children enjoyed singing: You sing for your baby and hear all of them easy to listen to music in your songs. Soul music to help children more deeply.
Playing with puppets: Encourage children composed voice for those of you puppets, cotton cute animals. This is a great opportunity to baby forging speaking. – Throw the ball: You stand facing children, how about 1 m. Light ball is thrown toward children so they start with two hands. Not only fun, games also help her campaign body.
How cats, chickens sound? For authors free game animals is fun, they will have learned many interesting things from nature around you. – Directions to the baby pool: In addition to swimming lessons, baby also meet the heavy water power play cool. Do not forget to follow the baby anytime, anywhere.


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