Understanding your child to choose the right toys


Baby play toys

Here is a test for you to understand more about your child to choose the right toys by characteristics of children.

When permission to do something, children often
A. Permission adults, if not met, the baby will mope
B. Permission adults, if not met, the baby still will do it
C. Implementation without permission

When meeting strangers, children often
A. Embarrassed until you gradually get used to it
B. Friendly and like meeting strangers
C. Not at the near strangers, and then become a friend

When you do a good job, the baby will
A. know you well and do not need praise from adults
B. know you well and hope for adults praise that action
C. like the adults praise children before completing work that

At school, children like most professionals do?
A. Mathematics
B. Singing
C. Draw

At school, children have:
A. just playing with some friends
B. many you
C. not many friends

When you see the game a new campaign, the baby usually:
A. ardent participants immediately
B. participation after observing the other players
C. seems interested but does not dare to join

When the network is, the baby usually:
A. Obstinate quarrel
B. Receive error
C. Cry and wait soothe

Most are A:
– Your child is a self motivated and curious child. They always ask questions before all things. Children love to participate in the game campaign to discover the many things around you. Sometimes children refuse any help from adults, like yourself do. Type toys suitable for children are the materials needed for the happy family and friends to play as water, hats, backpack travel convenience …

Mostly B:
– Your child of group of children enjoy the activities and often lead groups in all activities. However, children in this group often enjoy the new, so will early disgusted the toys, old friends .Type of games suitable for children are the dynamic, powerful, such as running bike, swimming, soccer stone ….. Specifically, running bikes help children to keep balance and practice the skills campaign, which helps children develop physical optimization and improve the confidence in life. At the same time also is making baby toys long disgusted as the required skills campaign is different for each period.

Most are C:
– Most children living under this group closed and timid. But if possible, children will demonstrate sensitivity and his humor. Baby love to make adults happy with the help of the baby (when requested). In the home of the effort and show your baby’s full you can surprise. Type toys appropriate to the type of baby toys are creative, find stuff such as painting, take out, play domino & ratings will help the baby’s increasing creative judgments, describing how and arrangements.

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