Two movement to help the firm muscles of the neck for baby


The strong muscles of neck and back will cause your baby to sit firmly fast. Avoid hold or sitting baby on the trolley more, parents should take the time to help your baby healthy muscles of neck area.

Two movement to help the firm muscles of the neck for baby
Reference 2 below from Parent24:

1. Raise your baby’s hands gently

– For baby lying back on the soft surface under the floor.

– Hold tight mother‘s hand on wrist of the baby and slowly raise the baby up.

Avoid pulling or lug your baby’s arm or the work done when the baby’s weak neck. You should practice when baby known good control head.

2. Encourage baby self raising head

– For baby lying face down on soft surface under the floor.

– This position teaches how to react when the baby was face floor, baby will have to manually raise head.

– Help your baby back by putting favorite toys or toys emit sounds – giving strong and flexible. muscles of the neck

Other Notes

– Pointing and call name the baby toys when they look item while baby is lying about the floor.

– Give your baby a walk in the stroller. Now, she can sit more firmly in a short period of time and explore around the back.

– Equipped with extra toys when bathing your baby to encourage movement of neck.


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