Two essential skills for children


As your children age 2 to wrestle yourself bring shoes all or use spoon carefully so as not to drop food into the carpet, you are very proud: child is learning how to take care of yourself. But children also need more than just self-care self just happy to have success in life.

1. Teach child how to … failure

Two essential skills for childrenNo father, no mother wants their children to fail in any one game does. But learning how to fail when trying to do something again is an important skill for happiness.When your child is very young, when children know how to play the first game along with others, we need to experience the feeling of losing. You can form an impartial failure and exciting times. Say things like: “Oh, I won the mother. Fun too. We do play again.” According to psychology professor Erika Rich, Center for research and development skills of American children, tips for this lesson is to let the baby was very young, not in school are winning more and subside as they grow up and go to school. And when wins baby, you say: “This time i  won you but you did try the best.” If your baby down too much, please say that no one likes losing, but losing is all part of the game. The only person who does not actually lose a little effort.

At the larger: At about 8 years old, most children are overcome failure easier. A fundamental reason that the baby will not survive the failure is: Like many adults, the children at school age may also be too focused on results from the process (as was chosen as class president, head of the team or the highest score …) without realizing what is important throughout the process. The lesson you should teach this is to help children move your eyes off the prize that everyone wants to get out “rewards” such as “No win, but do you have fun playing out there with you?”. You have to help her understand that “no win no means no fun at all.”

2. Know the demand

You can be proud because your child really was a good kid, he always do what parents allow. Things that were not enough. The child should know the words to the aspirations and interests, and to know the words to these things in a respectful and effective. One girl, the boy may yet persuade the reasons for the cause they need an item rather than by shouting demands grow and will become a person others respect, someone who wants to negotiate, how to negotiate and compromise.When you were a child: Need teach children how nicely required. Starting at age 2, kids should know screaming, angry, even to demand. Children 2 age not feeling good control and not likely to want to know to say words with polite attitude. If kid never talk about my true desire but only by choice of parents, children require positive about what they want and respect the choice of appropriate and desired children. With the request that her speaking out nicely, please say “yes” whenever possible. But be rejected and will teach you how to express a desire slowly if the baby wail.

At the children bigger: the type statement, “I have this opinion …” is how to teach negotiation and dialogue to convince people. Babies know how to choose appropriate words to say without thinking offensive. Some children are afraid to ask parents, teachers that do not always know that they are welcome to do so. So, avoid the superior style and everything must be pressed in your idea. Please say: “I see absolutely when

leave plans to their grandparents to take me to the movies”  instead of” No, you  stop  to clamour “. Word commands will not encourage child to make requirements consistent manner.