Treatment when your kid lie


The kid can lie that a stranger came to the house and damage the toy. Then you can say: “Why not invite this man has dinner?”. You can continue this joke until they confessed the truth.

Treatment  when your kid lie
Need to understand why your kid lie said.

Most children are sometimes lie, but many parents surprised the lie. Learn how to lie like that is part of the development process of the child and learn how to speak the truth. Some ways to help you teach your baby honest message is important.

– First, you need to understand why your baby lie said. There are several reasons, possibly to conceal a mistake to avoid any penalty must be, try the reaction of parents, inflate a story, attracting the attention of people even know that young people listen to know the truth ….– When the lie that you should have a positive attitude and emphasis on the importance of speaking the truth in the family.

You can tell that you review the higher education knowing the truth and do not like their children to lie. You can say: “When children do not tell her mother to hear the truth, mother feel disappointed. You can also tell a story the subject says really high. Like the “The boy lie” story is an example of the lie can be harmful to himself.

– You should teach children the value of speaking the truth rather than punished for small errors. When the baby was big enough to understand the difference between right and wrong, then you should start encouraging and promoted baby tell the truth.

– You should avoid making the situation feel the need to lie. For example, you see little baby spill milk. You can say: “The spill milk?” He and she can lie that “no” because children think about being yelled. To avoid this situation, you can just say, “Mom said that is just an accident. We’ll have to clean it .

– You need to have clear regulations on the behavior can be accepted at home. Children will be able to behave within what is allowed if there are clearly defined.

– When a child has been admitted to do something wrong, you should praise your baby for the honesty. “Mom really happy for having told the truth. In fact, it is important that children know that you will not be sad if baby admitted the truth.

– If the baby intentionally lie, you need to know that baby is not allowed to lie. Please explain why children learn to do it is not good and that you can not trust the baby to the next. Then, you apply the appropriate form of punishment for acts causing baby lie. For example, if your baby is painted on the wall baby will have to help you clean.

– You should not call children as “liar” because this will impact not good to your child’s self-esteem and make children lie more . Because if your baby is a liar tin can baby will continue to lie.

– You can also make the baby lie bored by promising the young, hyped up the situation. For example, she can explain why toys broken by saying: “A Note on the house and damage it.” Then you can say: “Why not invite the words to the dinner?”. You can continue this joke until they confessed the truth.

– Sometimes, your baby is to lie or keep secrets to protect someone. For example, a baby being abused by an adult often lie to protect her. Often fear that he will be punished if you speak the truth.

If you suspect a child is telling lies serious problem, you can confirm that with the baby’s safe to say the truth. You try hard to convince children that you can help the better. You can ask the help of the psychologist in this situation

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