Traps in home with baby


Even in the bathroom is clean, your child is at risk of poisoning detergents. Your baby may eat or drink toxic things that we do not know.

Here are some areas in the family that you can review the level of safety:


Traps in home with baby

Always keep the handle pans turned inward.

– Keep knives, glass furniture and kitchen appliances in cupboards, lock carefully.

– Avoid using tablecloths. Children may pull tablecloths and anything dropped on it.

Never leave the water container clean without the supervision of children. Children can drown even if only a few centimeters of water.Leading potential danger in the kitchen when you are just hold and the cooking. You will not be able to measure all the risk that if baby puts a hand to the handle of the pot, pan, you may lose your balance and do not hold the whole baby food and hot pot.

In the living-room:

– Do not place heavy objects on high by the things that can fall into children.- Regularly check smoke alarms and gas content cacbonnic alarms, replace batteries and bells. Many types of tones can be used within 10 years. You can consult the manufacturer to ensure the effectiveness of various tones.

– The artwork and photos weight: You should put out of reach of children and away fixtures in the home in case she climbed on the furniture and take down.

Hidden hazards in the living room is the leading baby can choke when watching TV, DVDs or video games. Children under 3 can get the wire and wrap wire around the neck or chew wires or plugging into an outlet. You should put the cord behind furniture, rearrange the plug to not play with the baby and take care of the safety outlet.

In the bathroom:

– Lock the toilet to prevent baby is falling into it and drowning.

– Keep all chemicals cleaning out of reach of children.- You can use anti-slip pads in the tub.

– If using a normal hot – cold, you should set a constant temperature room and wash hands when baby is  adjust the temperature because it can cause burns.

Hidden hazards in the bathroom is the leading child can be poisoned detergents when they eat or drink. The cleaners include toxic compounds. You can find these cleaners are non-toxic organic commercially available in large supermarkets.

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