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There are toys help your child to play fun, but do not stimulate the imagination of children, young players will be bored quickly, otherwise the toys also encourage children to use their imagination so well. These toys help children to understand and he discovered many things about the world around them, making child loves (clothing for dolls). Below is a list of toys is considered good for children through all time.

Baby play block toys

The cubes: School educators agree that the volume is a good toy for children. Through the process of building and dismantling the “works” that baby up, they will understand the concepts of mathematics such as shape, space, balance and gravity. When using the block, baby preschool age (3 to 4 years old) can become civil engineers: How do you build a building higher? How do you build a zoo for elephants and zebra can visit each other be?

Other construction toys: You can count the pieces set building blocks, especially for the baby to school age. With other construction toys, children will create their own design of children (because children’s work will determine your baby look like).

Dolls: As well as other toys, toys as simple as possible. Dolls can speak and do some acrobatic movement, will help children decide when and what will happen. You want your child (not dolls) decide when dolls will do. Playing with dolls is one of the main ways to help children understand the meaning of father and mother. Because this reason, so little boys like dolls. But the dolls, boys will like to become dad.

Baby play doll

Playing with dough (and other art tools): Any children that educators will tell you: Playing with dough is a great benefit. This game not only provides opportunities for young creative game that also helps children develop small motor skills (such as the fingers and hands) and will soothe the stress of the child.

Disguise clothing : Let the baby clothes, hats, shoes, high, wearing towels wrapped around the neck and neck. Please observe your child to play characters of different authors. She can create a collection of fashion, through which children will understand abstract concepts when children enter as different. You remember that your old clothes are not only cheaper but also better than any anything you find in stores because she can decide who will become the baby you want.

You can refer some toys below:

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