When it comes to good parenting, playing with your kids is essential. It is because playing contributes to the physical, social, cognitive, and emotional development of your children. Playing with your kids is also a fun way to strengthen the parents-to-children bond.

Playing is one way to raise your kids healthy and happy, according to pediatricians, educators, and development experts. That is why you need to allow time for playing for your to raise your kids on the right path.

For this purpose, here are the Top 6 Indoor Games For Kids that you can play with your kids at home. So take a read!

Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek games for kidHide and seek is sure to be included in any list of indoor games that you can play with your kids. That is why I put here in the first. Thanks to the game’s straightforward rules, it’s now enjoying popularity.

One player will cover his or her eyes and counts while the other players are looking for a place to hide. After the count, the first player is going to find the hidden players. The last person to be found is going to be the next seeker.

Hide and seek is often a source of laughs and giggles. Aside from the fun, it will also help your kids how to use their mind in locating the hiders. Just make sure that you take the safety of your kids first and foremost.

The Listening Game

This game will not only provide your kids the fun, but it will also improve their concentration and listening skills.

The steps of this game are fairly simple. You just pick some random items that you can find in the house and let your kids have a look at the items. Next, you tell your kids to cover their eyes and make them listen and guess by the sound of the item you have in your hand.

You can pick up items such as sandpaper, pen, spoon, or plate. For you to create the most fun, you have to be creative in this game when you are playing with your kids.

Guess-the-Item-on-the-Box Game

This touch-and-guess game is sure to give your kids a helluva fun and entertainment. The good is that this game is not so hard to play. Just pick up a box, make a hole that can fit the hand, put an item, and let your kids guess the item inside.

You can put inside the box whatever item you have in your house, such as a toy, a brush, a book, or a pen. You can then give some rewards if your kid can correctly guess what is inside the box.

Indoor Bowling

This game will develop your kids’ resourcefulness and the ability to repurpose unused items in your house, and like the other games, this is fun. Just look for some unused bottles in your home to use it as bowling pins.

Use masking tape to create a starting line, get a ball, and you are good to play. For you to encourage your kids to play this game, give out rewards every time they get a strike.

Play Billiards

Yes, billiards is a fun game to play, and it can teach your kids some practical lessons about logic, mathematics,  and physics. The most popular game of billiards is the 9-ball game.Treasure Hunting Game game for kid

Treasure Hunting Game

If you are looking for a game that will give your kids some rewards if they will win, pick treasure hunting game. As we all know, kids love to find hidden items and getting prizes, of course.

For you to play this game, just jot down some clues where they can find the hidden item on a piece of paper. At first, try, make sure that the location is easy to find for them. Then make it difficult such as writing many clues that will get them to the location of the item.


Playing with your kids is one important part of good parenting. As mentioned earlier, the play makes your kids happy and healthy, and you must find games that can develop their skills and ability. You can take some cues from the games mentioned above for this purpose.


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