Top 3 ways parents memorialize their children in tattoo

Tattoos can be very powerful things, especially when it comes to things like memorials. Many parents who have lost a child may want to do something in order to remember them. There are so many different ways of doing this, but before you do choose it is important to remember to find something that you yourself will comforting. You will need to take a look at the different options and find out what the best picture is. Some of them are quite tasteful as well, and are not immediately obvious. A lot of the time, when it comes to memorial tattoos, parents are only going to want something small that will remind them of their lost loved ones.

Top 3 ways parents memorialize their children in tattoo


A lot of parents may choose to get the face of their child in the form of a tattoo. This is a very popular option, although some people may not like it. Faces do not necessarily have to be full-on: a half face down in shadow, or with a unique design beside it is also a good idea. Some people may surround it with a wreath as well. It all depends on what your own personal tastes are when it comes to the actual design of the tattoo.


Normally putting a name on your tattoo is not a good idea, but in the case of children it can be quite tasteful if you know you are doing. You can choose a unique font and find a way of making it even more personal. Names can be a lot more tasteful and you can put them on your arms or your legs, or somewhere hidden so that only you know where it is. Many people will prefer to get a name in the form of a tattoo rather than a face.


These are by far probably one of the most popular choices. Symbols are usually going to be representative of a specific time in someone’s life. A teddy bear or a religious symbol of some kind of significance, especially when it is mixed with the name or a few other designs. Symbols can be very flexible as well, so you can get a commonly-used symbol and turn it into something a little bit more personal.

These are just some of the ideas that parents will use when they want to memorialize their children. Having something there can be very special, but it is also a reminder of something that they have gone through. Tattoos, as always, are going to be a very personal thing so there is no “right” way of doing one. You will of course want to take the time to look over everything and see how it will look on your skin. A tattoo is a personal choice, but it is one you ought to make wisely.