To be attractive toys for baby

Toys can help children develop 5 senses: sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. With that thought, many parents spend money to buy toys for children. However, many toys to attract the attention of the baby is 3-4 days.

Baby play toys

Suggestions from experts of Sheknows will help you understand more about toys and how to choose toys attract children.

Benefits from toys for baby

– Help children to control the body as well as other parts.

– Help children identify objects operate how.

– Only to see Baby baby can control the language how.

– Teaching children new ideas.

– Help move the baby coordination lilt, healthy.

– Teaching children new ideas.

– Help move the baby coordination lilt, healthy.

– Stir the imagination of children.

– Only for the baby to resolve the difficulties small.

– Help children learn how to play a mother when you go out.

– Teaching children how to share and collaborate with others.

Criteria selected toys

– Long-term value: Toys This attracted many weeks the baby does not?

– Substance: it is not stable when sitting up, throw away, jumped up, and pant …?

– As simple: Ministry without the toys too complex.

– Dimension: Teaching the children discover just enough without creating frustration.

– Promotion: Toys that enhance creativity and the stir – the imagination of the baby or not?

– The interesting: Toys that encourage children to think about it?

– The appropriate: Toys that with thinking, language ability and skills of the children do not?

– The Interactive: The attraction or entertainment baby when baby is not lethargy?

– The versatile: Ministry can play with different ways not?

– Ability to cleaning: Make sure the toys like baby can clean when dirty-infected

– Matches the value of the family: Toys which to value the family or not? For example, toys that are environmentally friendly or not? There is large difference in the price with the toys or not?

– The new: It has other toys that the baby has not? You should not buy a toy box with the 30 different types. Cost that do not create for the new baby.

– Jocoseness: have fun in the toys to where you want to play with the baby does not?

Toys match with baby

According to recommendations of the study, the children need a few toys for your baby’s life to be lively and more encourage your child’s creativity. In addition to the toys bought from expensive stores you can also create for the baby toys from materials available in the report as old pieces, and the spoons, empty boxes, leaves … All have become new and interesting with the baby if you are willing creative, you will find that you do not need to spend more money to help the baby happy, interested and learning.

Reference types toys for baby

0-1 years: He is also Book; confused children, doll, music i toys , toys small, lightweight, easy to hold , toys the mouse squeak, rubber nipple , round to bite the baby teethe; toys image contrast, bright colors or black 2-white.

2 – 5 years old: the movement (with floors, buttons, numbers, retail); Balls;’s ratings; text box, cars, trains, and the image product decoration, doll and animal stuff cotton; shape flour; games of the music; glass cage together; pictorials; plastic animals; toys have first hand 2, with the day, drag, smoking together; round arrangement; toys phrases describing everyday objects (telephone, cooking it, toys in doctors); games you remember from poetry to Europe (classic games are usually easy to trade), paper, pen color, the man.

Note: Make sure the baby safe play

– Eliminate paper toys, nylon bag, package bag … before bringing toys for children.

– Always watch the children play to prevent the baby being infected by small toys.

– Check make sure toys are not harmful to the baby hold in mouth.

– Avoid toys spiky, spectacular, what, debris.

– Always follow the instructions of the manufacturer. Processors do not charge the toy in front of children. If you specify an toys to the children see, children will lose interest.

– Do not leave toys on cage (bed) to sleep when the baby toys, except the specific safety of sleeping children.

– Anti specify the toys have long for it to wrap the baby.

– Toys by children must complete parts, to avoid lost.

– If you sometimes want to protect your baby’s ears, you should alert the toys are too big sounds because the baby tends to always tempted by the players themselves.

– The purchase of electronic toys in the production prestige. Dispose immediately electronic toys may be dangerous for the baby when the baby sit up.

– When finished playing the baby you should collapse the toys, not to the stairs, the window or way off.

– Box of baby toys should check the box specially designed to prevent them can knock the top or hand the baby to find the baby toys. You also should not use the retail box, avoid finger k?p baby.

– Do not play ball for the baby or the bay in the package because the baby can be infected when in the mouth.

– Limit for baby play toys for older children because of the complexity of it can hurt the baby, making the baby uncomfortable, the glass.

– If the toy is of second-hand (you buy at the store’s old toys that your child’s play again …), you should check carefully. If items that indicate unsafe for children then you should junk. Toys has rust or too old or can contain functions of a sovereign in the baby if the baby into the mouth.

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