Tips help parents prevent food allergies for child

There are many expressions to identify when children are allergic to different foods. Mom knew only a common symptom of all that is allergic child not gain weight.

Tips help parents prevent food allergies for child

What common allergy foods effect baby?

The foods most likely to cause allergies are cow’s milk, eggs, fish, shrimp, wheat, peanuts and nuts.

Seafood: The seafood is the most allergens, including some fish with high mercury (herring, eel, eels, sturgeon, tuna, mackerel, fish, Marlin, Fish Search …), clams clams, shrimps, crabs …

Sour food: It’s amazing when the fruit looks very gentle and very good health, such as strawberries, tomatoes … could cause a food allergy in children, cause a high acid content. Many children eat these foods often redness around the mouth. This is a mild allergies, doctors recommend that children under one year old should not eat yogurt.

Eggs: The chicken egg white is a protein that can cause allergies for some children susceptible to this substance.

Some vegetables: Some vegetables have high nitrate levels may not react well to the location of young children. Therefore, children should be careful when eating these green leafy vegetables: spinach, beets, carrots, turnip greens.

Cereals: In some grains can cause allergic reactions are nuts (peanuts) in first place, particularly adverse consequences for children haves asthma. Next to the soy and wheat. Recently scientists have also found local allergic children may be allergic by potatoes.

Cow’s milk: cow’s milk allergy is not rare. It is the body condition of the child-sensitive components Milk protein, cause allergic reactions. Allergies can happen very suddenly: vomiting, wheezing, rash, face swelling, or severe anaphylactic reactions than the whole body. There are also cases of allergic reactions occurred more difficult to detect as child discomfort, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea … parents should be hard to diagnose because symptoms or confused with other pathologies.

Besides the allergy milk, allergy with food  to “food intolerance”: body children lactose intolerance in milk. Among the types of allergies, cow’s milk allergy in young children that parents worry because this is the most important source of nutrition for children.

Identity baby has an allergy to food

The allergic reaction to baby food can occur within several hours immediately after eating, or up to several days. So when mom started to eat a new food, please monitor response within 3-5 days !

Common expression: Children abdominal pain, nausea / belch, flatulence, loose stools away, have diarrhoea. Or they can fever, fatigue, cold sweat running and see. Meanwhile, stuffy nose, wheezing, runny nose.

Visible manifestation: baby was a rash, itching, eczema, dermatitis. They will feel themselves in the uncomfortable, anxious agitation, there are behavioral changes compared to her usual habit.

General expression: of all food allergies is that babies do not gain weight despite eating shrink still very good.

Mom needs to do now?

If mother had suspected food allergy, but did not see anything special expression or no expression as above, please take child to doctor for advice, and may do some tests to check exactly baby is allergic or not, since that would have the treatment.

With mother, please buy a book to your baby’s food diary every day. Mom watched carefully, which she thoroughly meals and distributed some food to go outside to find out how soon the food not suit child.

Thanks to this book, if baby has food allergies, mom reviewed and easily find the right culprit.

When choosing food for children, parents should avoid foods likely to cause allergies or foods that adults in families with a history of allergy. With packaged foods, she should also read the ingredients to know is not suitable for children.

For example, babies are allergic to cow’s milk, parents should not buy bread for the butter, cheese is extracted from cow’s milk. Children can eat milk products from soybeans. Because the nutrition of milk are also peer to peer. If your baby is also allergic to soy milk, mother can choose nutritious foods with milk replacement level.

Prevention for children without allergy:

Ideally, breastfeeding mothers should be at least in the first six months.If mothers has less milk, choose baby products easy to replace at least part allergies.

When feeding solid food, the first time to eat starch and fibrous matter. After a new period should be more bean and then to other types of beef, pork … When I was an older, new mothers should eat for the eggs, shrimp, crab, fish, eels …

Avoid using baby food processing industry as a way bacon, salt pork, the dyes material, artificial spice.

For baby familiar with new foods, let baby eat slowly, little by little, the tracking range from 4-5 days. In the process for my children eat, signs of doubt, mom stop this dishes immediately (including foods fortify).

When child is allergic to certain foods, so remove it from the menu of the baby. Should not be prepared or food containers of baby in the cup with sticky foods that children allergic. If child go to kindergarten or mom help someone look after, please told people carers that baby food allergies.

However, food allergies  not long all life, therefore mom should not take baby diet  some kind of food. After a time, mother can feed baby this food again (except the food cause acute allergic reactions such as defence shock).

Wish baby appetite and  fast grown!


  1. When it comes to Milk allergy there are other problems that occur. Spitting up a lot and diarrhea. This happens when they can not digest the lactose in milk. If not caught at an early age it will lead to allergies of other foods.

    If you have a baby that cries a lot and spits up a lot this is something to look into. Trust me I have been there. My baby went from 18 pounds to 13 pounds at the age of 10 months in less then 24 hours and was hospitalized. And it took them another 6 months to find the problem.

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