The wonderful toys for children


In your eyes, everything is a toy – the color of the gift wrapping paper, shape it by coloring in the sound in the baby when they hold on hand is probably the more attractive the toys the system! Therefore, at this time, do not despair when baby forget toys and to the attention of the cotton box.

Baby girl play toys

The criteria for selecting toys for baby:

Below are some important things you need to choose the toys for children under 1 year:

• No toys is the “best”: In general, instead of just trying to find items that are most popular for this age group, then find out the special interest of your child. Each toy items have the ability to have children can play and do not remember which items are “best” for each baby.

• Safety: only purchase products from manufacturers and store toys reliable. Baby will discover the good toys through touch, bite, chew, clean, punch, rub. That is why your baby’s toys should not have the acute pieces or small pieces can take apart this because things may be falling broken and swallow easily.

• Color: the sight of you can catch almost easy the basic colors like red, blue, gold and green. In addition, items playing with colorful contrast can also attract the attention of children and promote child explore explore.

• Multiple senses: Besides garish colors to attract baby’s look at the items players can also attract other senses such as hearing and touch.

• Appropriate for ages: The instructions on the age that produced toys made applicable not accurately for each child – each child develop to the level of its own – but it is the starting point well. Selecting a good toy is designed for children grow longer than just make you weary.

• Various: Maybe the baby has many hobbies, but please allow children playing with toys other items. Diversity disruption interested and help children develop the ability to think in broader scope.

Type toys by age

Instructions below to suggest what is appropriate for children ….

0 – 3 months old: Travel back, the toy garish colors sizes and formed the different rounds of plastic big box handheld music, drums shake, stuffed animals, books with many photos, drawings by the faces, toys in the bathtub … the dishes stimulate baby at this age.

4 – 6 months: The baby seems to be immersed in the square wooden, frames for children to climb and climb while participating in outdoor games, the items ranked player integrated together, sound box, toys pendulous, where toys bathtub, shaking drums, nipple, and the items that sound fun: the sound of the bugle, squeak …

7 – 9 months: Will the good grace say shooting water toys, classified within the husband’s column on the Balls of different sizes, empty bins, and small wooden blocks, soft ball, drum, stick toys and animals stuff cotton …

10 – 12 months: Age touches like this in the book has many photos, accompanied by many doll culture can change, the large plastic construction, the image processing speed, table games letters, the ones cup and the square cage arranged to overlap each other or many colors, color pencil and paper drawing hard, toys lace up the music …

Impact through

However, no toys can replace you. Baby you need to play with children, need to interact. You can guide, encourage children, and to see how the baby was to create dishes from the same toys. Ministry will develop rapidly due to the care of you and a study shows that children will play longer if the mother or father playing with them.

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