The position hold your baby correctly


Newborn baby may develop physical perfection, so you should be cautious when holding the closing to ensure the safety and feeling comfortable and pleasant. So depending on each case to choose the best operation.

The position hold your baby correctly

When baby picked up

When your baby should from stroller or when changing clothes, changing diapers, you put one of your hands beneath baby head, arms left for the baby buttocks . Note use your back and abdomen to make your baby stand up.

Absolutely not hold in baby arms. Always keep your posture so that your body and your baby are exposed close to each other.

When the baby has just woken up

The closing of the baby facing out. This is the best position to observe baby surroundings. Let baby lean on you to make the baby feel safe, to cross baby legs together like when they are in the womb. This only applies to babies in the first months after birth.

When the baby is sick

If your baby is colic, according to the position held baby legs stretched out and leave to the side. To the abdomen and the baby’s body resting on your arms and use your hands to slightly raise the baby. This position will help them to alleviate the pain.

When you sing, lull or soothe infants

Gently place the baby’s head fit in the hollow of your arm. May choose to manipulate this classic during the day your baby while you are standing or sitting, to help lull baby to sleep, or sing lullabies to soothe baby.

When the baby go out

Use the pouch adjacent to baby always near me, remember to adjust pocket so that breast of both always in contact with each other. Place one hand on the baby to hold between your exposure to the baby. If your baby under 3 months old, baby face to your face and when large over baby face direction to outward. Can also choose this operation when you are on hand to prepare meals or do any chores.

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