The method choice toys for baby

If want to edit the effectiveness of the child, you can let the children play in the state still ranked as image, shape … If the baby timid when buying toys, you choose what to play that baby with you.

Toys for children not only stimulates the imagination and creativity of children, but must match the characteristics, preferences of each age group.

Here are suggestions to help parents choose the best toys for your child:

General principles when selecting toys for baby:

– Toys must ensure hygiene, make sure the safe, easy to clean.

– Raw materials used for toys is not harmful, not shape next corner.

– Toys are not to sound too big will affect your baby’s hearing.

– Toys suspended in front of children (for children under 3 months old) must frequently change locations, to avoid the baby looked too long on a point or a direction.

– Toys must be beautiful, lively appearance, can create excitement and enthuse develop the imagination to be.

Baby Toys

Select toys by age

– Stages under 4 months old: You should buy for the baby toys that develop the visual, hearing and the work of your hands. These toys to color dash, has a new sound.

Stages of 5-10 months old: Now baby can have hands on understanding sensitivity so you can choose for the baby toys sensitivity, photogenic, and the sound and is easy to move.

Baby Toys

Stages of 11-18 months: you should buy for the toy and the sound and movement can be as go cart, trolley, rickshaw for kids … to help children have  training skills to walk  ..

Stages 18 months-3 years: Power and wisdom of children have developed more. Baby like clones and the practice of adults action . Thinking the baby’s visual images. Therefore, you should buy the children toys that the simulation of social life such as cooking toys, toys doctor …

Stages of 4-5 years old: the Ministry and has not engaged with the toys are more like simple things that can move, such as: dolly to move the limb, or eye changes the clothes …

Stages of 5-6 years old: You should choose to buy the toys promote intelligence of children such as clay, sort toys, animals picture, games …

Baby Toys

Select toys by the children character


– For children too active: Recommended toys in the state still to fix the active habit of baby. The game’s ratings as knead land oriented attention to your baby’s hands and brain to remove, fit image pair, will gradually overcome the habit of active kid.

– For the baby is cowardly: You should choose toys in the state, such as automobile, aircraft, tank or other type … toys need to play with you to help the child more fluently and quickly.

– For the hasty baby: Please select a toy to work to fix the hurried for the baby. Some toys create with paper, wood, fabric to manually baby will do training for the patient, detail, do not be very impatient.


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