The importance of outdoor play


Activities play in the outdoors as well as all important to the development of the baby. Although recent research shows that the number of children are participating in outdoor play in a few days away, the outdoor play is essential for the health of children.

The baby girl play with water

The playground outside is an ideal place to baby play. Ministry may with the, sand, water, paint and paint the Fine Arts. The outdoor playground for children many natural materials to help stimulate your baby’s senses. New baby that is learning and kindergarten is like the dirty soil, leaves, bricks, stones, and trees, water, trees and flowers.

The tank water to be the great to play water : new baby like that go hand and kick up water. Baby also like to get glass, bowl or have the product shape, size different to water, the water entry and water pouring. Toys creating bubbles are great for them. When a child has fun trying to chase the bubbles hang in mid air, the awareness of space is your baby’s development.

When entering kindergarten age (between 2-5 years old), children usually join the game more dynamic, the baby learn how to use the toys with wheels, like climbing up the tool in a large playground. Ministry also like playing soccer, bowling, skipper, and badminton. When outdoors, children have many opportunities to play the game dynamic. This is very important for the development of the skills campaign mainly as running, keep balance, chase, and throw objects. Outdoor play also bring many benefits to health, to help strengthen the baby can state, reduce the risk of obesity and promoting comprehensive.

Outdoor play is an opportunity for children to discover the environment around the relationship with them myself; children can create fun place to own and spoiled for imagination toys with reality (as, tent camping, line dry clothes, trucks) and other objects are a symbol (such as carton bin, log, stone). Space outdoor play is suitable for the games many campaigns, in which children can shout, jump for joy. Take the opportunity to teach children that yelling in the home and outdoors is different, and the volume is suitable for every place!

Outdoor fun and stimulating opportunities for children to understand and develop the ability to self-control. Research results showed that the baby or active participation of the game in campaign level with the loft. Conversely, passive baby seems difficult when playing games that require the strength of the many, and to become the offensive and lack of control. By actively playing with children, you not only help strengthen the baby’s health status but also can create opportunities for children to develop skills necessary for communicating with friends.

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