The food is capable prevention flu for children


Normally we seldom pay attention to some mild symptoms such as sneezing or runny nose of the child. But if you see these signs as symptoms of a cold feeling, then the number of each child on average about six times per year.

The food is capable prevention flu for children

In any case easily spread the flu?

Usually the common cold lasts 6-14 days, three days after the most contagious from two weeks but can still infect others. So the children are very susceptible to flu.

If a child has the flu and expressed as a runny nose may be the child will not notice, usually the children enjoy using hand to pick one’s nose, so on, bacteria or virus would move to hands, clothing , toys, can exist simultaneously within 30 minutes. And when other children touch or play toys, then hand back to touch the nose, rubbing eyes and the like will become infected.

But each child with a cold body and the ability to fight bacterial viruses of the child will be stronger. So on until elementary school, the number of infected children will experience decreases.

Food flu prevention

Children birth to 3 months old, when symptoms appear, the child should visit a doctor. When children begin to eat solid food or more, we can build a child “perimeter protection” from food to limit the infection for young.

1. Eat more alkaline foods

Alkaline environment in the body is not conducive to virus growth and development. This means that if the body was kept in an alkaline environment, the virus sense can not “take advantage of the occasion to come.” So children should eat more alkaline food, thereby changing the environment inside the body, enhance the resistance is one of the best measures to respond to the virus.

Foods containing more alkaline, including apples, grapes, tomatoes, carrots, seaweed ….

2. Eat more foods containing vitamin A

Vitamin A can stabilize the membrane skin on the body, enhancing immune system function. When the body lacks vitamin A, anti-virus capabilities of the cells decreases, the function of protecting the respiratory mucosa as well as weakening it, once a virus, bacteria attack very vulnerable to infection respiratory tract.

The red fruits and vegetables often rich in vitamin A.

3. Eat more foods containing vitamin C

Vitamin C is useful and can strengthen anti-virus infection. Vitamin C supports the formation of antibodies, increase overall resistance to the body. Vitamin C can promote harmful substances out of the lymph cells, restoration of damaged cells.

At a cold or fever, the concentration of vitamin C in white blood cells will reduce the low, so it is important to add these foods contain vitamin C.

Foods rich in vitamin C include: oranges, tangerines, pears, strawberries, cress, green peppers ….

4. Eat more foods containing zinc

Zinc can directly control the proliferation of virus , while enhancing resistance to the body, was given the nickname “killer of the virus.”

Foods containing zinc include oysters, lean meat, pork liver, fish, egg yolks .

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