The development of 2 sex stage 0-2 years


Thinking science, mathematics of boys better than while the ability language, hearing skills less than girls the same age.

The development of 2 sex stage 0-2 years

Stage 0-6 months

Development of girls: From the new born, social skills in girls seem better. Few weeks old, smiling girls know the boys earlier. Due to different biology, said the boys smile and keep eye intently slower than girls. Research also shows that parents like hugging and chatting with girls than with boys.

Development of the boys: The boys have larger body. When reached heart, boys usually weighs 100g more than girls. Weight of boys growing rapidly within the first 6 months of life, therefore, the growth chart in the baby should consider gender differences. Experts recommend that boys should be taught social skills, even more than girls.

Parents should strengthen communication, talk to your baby, hug and looked intently into the eyes. Create an opportunity to massage your baby. The baby is doing so will cause stress relieving, easier.

Period 6-12 months

Development of girls: about 7 months old, girls can keep up with growth with boys (height, weight). Many girls also develop exceeds that of boys and then, growth down gradually as the parabola when the girls entered the school-age.

Concentration of estrogen increased, helping the nerve connections between the left brain hemisphere right brain hemispheres. Simply put, girls brain is programmed for sympathy and boys brains are programmed to logical thinking. This explains why, the girls need to talk, the boys still in good subjects geometric space

Development of the boys: The ability to listen in boys less than girls, with age. This difference also explains why, when you grow up, men usually speak to more women.

Testosteron in the brain function of the boys up quite slowly, the brain makes right, left brain split into two separate parts. Thus, the boys are skilled mathematicians and science well in the ability to communicate often inferior.

Period 12-18 months

The development of girls: At this time, many baby start saying the words first, and some girls can speak a complete sentence short in 14-16 months. However, the stage set going, boys or girls can know when the 18-month-old baby but there are some that only go when 2 years old.

The development of the boys: Do not worry if the boys that go slower than girls in the same age. Some boys can not speak a word that has two years though.

Whether boys or girls, the delay in learning to, say school should also be noted. Asperger syndrome (growth disorders), autism in boys four times higher than girls. Cause may be due to genetic lesions or poor communication skills in boys. If you suspect your baby having problems of communication, you should put your baby to visit.

With boys or girls, said the process of teaching your baby are important as each other. However, with the boys, the more you should improve communication. If your baby just say a word, you should remind them from the baby and sometimes a new word instead of trying to start a baby said complete sentence. For example, you talk to your baby: “Cars,” “Right then, cars and flowers” instead of teaching your baby said: “It’s father’s automobile.

Period 18-24 months

The development of girls: This is the period, many parents how to train your baby to sit publish. The girls seem to easily control the toilet when sitting publish more. Many began to file out your baby’s diaper when 2 years old.

Whether boys or girls, at this age, like the baby moving around. However, girls are interested in learning to draw and play with objects smaller than the boys. Girls are more sensitive fingers boys should hand control skills and better boys.

Development of the boys: Boys prefer active participation superior to girls. Girls like to sit down with some entertainment stuffed animals while “dish” boys are preferred running.

PS: Learning toys help baby develop better