The benefits of coconut water with pregnancy


In tropical countries (land of coconut), doctors recommend that pregnant women can drink a small cup of coconut milk in a day (or 2-3 times per week). Coconut water nutrients, help balance electrolytes in blood volume.

Coconut water is sterile beverages naturally, helps maintain the health of both mother and baby. Here are the other effects of coconut water for pregnant women:

– Coconut water contains high concentrations of chloride, khaki, magnesium, and average sugar content, sodium, protein. Potassium effects from coconut milk to adjust blood pressure, maintain a stable function of the heart. Coconut water is also a great source of fiber, manganese, calcium, riboflavin and vitamin C.

– Coconut water helps supplement fluid and salt loss in the body were pregnant women. Coconut water has the effect of raising HDL (good cholesterol in the body).

– Coconut water is also known for strengthening the immune system. Because rich lauric acid, coconut water is effective against bacteria, virus and anti-fungal, helps boost the immune system of the mother and developing fetus, preventing the flu, herpes (herpes) …

– Another benefit of coconut milk for pregnant women as it helps prevent and treat heartburn. Coconut water effective in cleaning deep in the gut and digestive system. This helps limit heartburn and constipation during pregnancy.

– Many pregnant women suffer urinary tract infection (UIT). Coconut water can help increase urine output, flush toxins from the body, preventing urinary tract infections.

– Coconut water also helps stabilize the body (a glass of coconut water contains only 46 kalo).

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