The amount of water suitable for babies under 1 year old

Babies under 1 year of age (especially under the age of 9 months), if baby drink plenty of water can lead to water intoxication.

The amount of water suitable for babies under 1 year old

James Keating (pediatrician, diagnostic centers Children of USA): “Drink more water will dilute the sodium content of normal body baby, can cause coma, brain destruction, even death.

Breast milk and infant formula provides enough liquid for your child’s daily needs. With baby breastfed fully 6 months of life, experts recommend you do not need to drink more water to your baby. Breast milk contains 88% water is enough water to meet the baby whether it is hot sunny days or dry days. However, normal milk containing high amount of salt and minerals than breast milk so baby  bottle-fed should be drinking more water to support the kidneys to excrete salt out. Moreover, less is absorbed by the group bottle-fed should  also more susceptible to dehydration.

If you want your baby to drink more water, your baby should only be limited to about 30-60ml of water each time and 1-2 times daily. You should only drink water after the baby was bottle-fed baby (breastfeeding) full.

With the baby under 1 year old, if you want to take baby to the pool, you should note the amount of water on the baby can swallow. Certificate poisoning also occur when the baby swallowing too much water in the pool.

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