Teaching children to build family relationships


Family relationships good help children feel safe and loved, it is also very good conditions for youth education and development.

Teaching children to build family relationships
A parent is the most difficult this life. That is not something that makes you become perfect. Most parents will do everything the best possible for their children as objects to swim with life, work, friends, manage homes and more things. Even for those busy mothers and fathers, although there are many good things you can do to develop better family relationships.

Personal interests will not matter in family relationships. Good family relationships will make the children feel safe and loved, and help young brain development. Time to improve relationships, share with your children and other members are able to overcome the difficulties in the simple things like eat, sleep, study and treatment.

All relationships in life are generally the same. The components are the basic parts for a good communication and can be applied to relationships in all cultures, religions and family structures.

Spend time together

• Spend time together as eat, talk and laugh together.
• Talk with family members together to build and strengthen personal relationships.
• Together fun.
• Together we make decisions about what should be done for special events such as birthdays, party happy..

Positive exchanges

• Talk about everything (including the difficult to said).
• Listen with special interest.
• Sharing and talking about feelings including feeling bad.
• Encourage the compliment by not only criticism.
• Together we solve the problem.
• Being faithful of love, patience and understanding.
• Show appreciation, love and encouragement through words and love.

Make a team

• For older children have the right to decide things such as law in family and family holidays.
• Sharing the house.
• Think about the needs of all the people when set plans the activities of the family.
• Let the child decide as long as they are within the level of control and development of parents set up.
• Set up rules in the home and apply to everyone.

Evaluate each other

• Interested in the lives of others.
• All the people join in a story about when the events of the day.
• Support each other in important events such as sports day and concerts at school.
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