Teach your child learning to eat

Instead of teaching children lessons about the theory of long lipids, carbohydrates or scolded when they eat cake package, you create interest in your children when cooking together, to share moments with family gather together meals daily.

Teach your child learning to eat Teach children how to eat right, eat several types to supplement fully the micro-nutrients to the body. Some suggestions and sample menus will help you create eating habits for children without doing them reasonably boring.

Family atmosphere:

– Get a child to go shopping together, this is a good opportunity for them to recognize foods, different vegetables and you can convey to children how to pick sweet oranges or  tasty mango.

– Get a child to participate in cooking the dish for you to wake up the appetite and then eating is not for us anymore but are forced to become pleasure.

Free for children:

– Please encourage children to say their opinion about something that they are eating: smell, taste, ingredients … teaching children say follow style: this dish is spicy, other sweet dishes … rather than merely a child likes or dislikes.

– Let’s stimulate curiosity, do not miss your chance to get acquainted with the new taste. Naturally, all the children like  sweetness than others taste but by your ingenuity, you will direct them to the attention of the other flavors. Let your child explore new foods. From about 4 to 7 years old children need to get used 4-5 times a new position.

Permit children choose not to forbid:

– Do not prohibited nor required one and only one, but let me choose, apply the rules “or” not “and” eg “I like to drink milk or eat cheese first. Do you drink Milex before ? “.

– That you decide the menu, so you have to remember the balance of nutrition is not just a day. It was built in a month, all year … Your patience will pay meritorious.

Great meals:

– The decorative dishes subtly make meals will become extremely attractive. Make dinner a fun and relaxed, not talking about work or about schoolwork.

– In the fridge you should always have fresh fruits and vegetables instead of sweet water.

– The diverse menu “this season with the dishes” maximum extent possible your child will not be bored because all year date change only a few dishes.

– For children more resistant bacteria before, you should note a number of food supplements rich in micronutrients such as iron, zinc, vitamin A, C, and the live yeast probiotic in the diet of our daily.
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