Teach your baby through toys

Exercises as the image pair, linking number, find the road in the same passion … work with the development of your baby’s brain.

1. Find same shape?

Instructions: You help cut the baby’s leaving the animal (in pictures). Then, on the island are, foot to find the same.

Exercise for children in age recognition of shapes, colors, size of objects.

Benefits: This exercise is easy for a baby, baby help distinguish the differences between animals.

Creation: When children get the same. You asked the baby: “What’s the name’s pet?”. “What ‘s dog sound, my son ?”…

Teaching children mimic the cry of the animals will make exercises become more fun.

2. Connect line to create picture

Instructions: You teach the child to connect together in order continuously.

Benefits: This exercise helps children recognize numbers.

Creativity: You can request a baby colored drawings.

3. Discover  path

Instructions: You need to prepare for a baby pen color, a detergent (to remove the baby when you go the wrong way). You ask questions to be: “If my son and your dog come to Tom – my friend, how come the path you come?”

If children find a way, do not forget to praise and rewards for children!

Benefits: This exercise helps children apply the energy forecast and memory.

Creation: To exercise more attractive, your limited time and suspended the award for the baby when found on exit passion with.

4. Colored

Instructions: Before to be to color your child to observe the animals such as cats, dogs … Then, preparing for the baby and a box color not forget the this picture.

Benefits: The cause of the graphics and imagination be your baby’s development.

Creation: The picture below can transplant into a story home

You and your baby to try and think creatively!

Mother baby let’s quickly hand in the picture for the perfect exercise for baby!

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