Teach your baby learn counting


Count number help your child the development of memory, recognize the world around the same time quickly located when they are involved in the first lesson in kindergarten.

Teach your baby the first 10 groupsTeach your baby learn counting

You can split groups of baby easy to remember and learn. At first, you should teach your baby how to count from 1 to 10 proficiency. There are things around facilitate teaching baby counting from 1 to 10. One simple way, which many parents use is to guide your baby finger counting. Often help your child remember how long that little mistake. Besides, you can encourage your baby have a habit of counting any objects in any home, from a few pennies to the toys, clothes. Simplicity, when asked to do something baby, you try to integrate more numbers. Example, “Get the parents do two cups” or “Let sing this song twice . You should enlist encourage baby count may at any time. Sitting at the table, you can ask your baby, “there are how many bowls, plates, spoons on the table …” Wait until the baby has any expertise count from 1 to 10, you should help her move to the new counting additional group of 11 to 20. Typically, three-year-old baby how to accurately count from 1 to 20. Many baby find it difficult, confusing or incorrect count, if you teach your baby more.

Teach your baby count 10 digit group followed

If your baby has expertise count from 1 to 20, you can continue to guide the baby to learn how to count from 20 to 100. With baby 4, 5 years old, you can swap out the baby is the sole law if she wants to pair the correct count. Principles of counting always from low to high, that is, you can suggest to your baby starts from 21, 31, 41, 51 … If your baby to count from 21 to 30, they will instead turn the numbers from 1 to 9 into the number 2, for example 21, 22 … 28, 29. Repeat the same with another group of 10 digits, until she can count from 1 to 100.

Games help your child learn counting

All of these songs contain the word: These songs are usually happy to consider making your baby’s exciting and fun. You should choose the songs that contain the count and then turned on the baby. Each time, the number of verses, are you the baby higher voice than the banks fall. Such as “A duck is …” and you also raised a toy illustration image count on the track.

Close the game: Prepare a cup of many colors, sizes and a water bowl. You fill water into a small cup, then, so he / she suggests using a glass of water flows into a larger cup. You can pretend to wonder “Oh, that’s why the water in the cup to be filled is not?”.

Lessons for baby: Baby do not understand the concept of volume, but can recognize where the cup is to, where is a small cup. This will be useful to the baby when you request second big cup or small three cups. If not, you can teach your baby to understand the record volume filled by water in a large cup and suggestions for baby divided into 2 or 3 cups of water smaller.

Geometry concepts: Using drag cardboard cut into the simple as circle, square, triangular, rectangular … Next, protect your baby to find objects in the home look like the book, a bowl … Thereby, she can learn the concepts related to the geometry of the triangle is counted as three sides.

Mother with two children in the kitchen: Before preparing a certain dish, you should read to the formula. Then you ask baby gets sugar, salt, water … with cup and spoon. While the two mothers cooking, you can ask baby: how many spoons of salt to full of small bow, how many cups of water to full of a pot … Baby will learn the units of measurement and form the concept of community except simple.

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