Why parents married but childless? How do children come out? Why do people on TV “eat slips” ?… This type of questions of children that many parents sweat.

Why do not you teach a child the first lessons about sex from the questions?

When the child is young, not more than 10 years old, the baby’s first questions are sometimes innocent, but it is naïve and makes the children have parents confused.
Teach children the first sex lesson
Why do not you have a “bird” as a baby? The question came from your child to see younger brother, that it is not possible with your daughter. There should mimic a mother explained that her daughter like this: “Do not worry, then you will grow like you!”? Why you can not explain to him know, that girl in the body of his son grew up and many other changes, such as on the hair, clothes … But also said to understand, your son or daughter has the same value, like that little girl will feel more confident.

Where are you before mother born? Sooner or later, the child asks you this because they want to know the roots. You need to answer how little easier to accept. Her mother has told me that “you are in my heart.” The child will ask, “Are you out in any way?”. If explained that “children in the womb” is a child’s imagination can envision the mother as the tube, there is a hole above and below and children can relate very funny ” when mother would drink water to wet my hair. ” Children will be more secure if we know that the baby in the womb but in a sealed bag.

What the way I go out? that’s a wonder that children never ignored because under the logic of the children, it must come out from the womb. You should not let children believe in the wrong explanation as to come out from the navel, through the armpit … Although immature mind, the child can imagine that when the mouth bag – where kid lies to open, it will squeeze through a narrow tube such as squeeze through the neck sweater, the mother will hurt a bit, so to come hospital for help. This interpretation seems to make children love mother more.

Why did you lie in the mother’s womb? Your child always wants to expand the understanding of it. Baby wants to know who put the baby in a bag of the womb. There are mothers have plans to postpone until children by adults. Why cannot explain at a more reasonable level, refers to the role of the father? “Dad has placed the bag in the womb.” Then, kid suddenly understood, wanted to create it must have both parents. Maybe he’ll look just released or just admire suspected.

There are many different interpretations depending on humor, experience and understanding of her parents, but the most important thing is to make baby believe that you are part of the flesh and blood parents. There are the children requires the understanding comes along, the parents could be delayed, “later grew up, I’ll understand.”

Sometimes, parents really confused when asked about the kids hear on TV or everyday life, such as what is rape?  what is a prostitute?… No matter what, you still must follow a principle that should not let children discover the secrets or misunderstanding. A reasonable explanation is a much more positive effect. For example, rape is an act of bad men, using power to force the girl to work that she did not want to offend them, forcing them to fight and this will be law severe sanctions. This explanation to help them identify a bad action …

Do not be too shy to tell children about the beauty of life is not because children are very interested in what can happen in our future. Children will not want to repeat the mistakes that adults have acquired, we also have the right to know and judge the actions of adults do not deserve.

Can tell even more of her questions but if you are not interested in sex education is not easy to answer. And many other unexpected behaviors that startled parents concerned about the development of ethics and personality of your child’s future. Then you will understand that sex education is a solution, require urgent and is not too soon anymore.


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