Teach children come of age nursery school

From age 3, children were very “adults”. Want to create good feelings with the child, parents need to adjust some things in the way of educate children.

Teach children come of age nursery school
– When you make a mistake, you should review your child’s behavior, not targeted at themselves. For example, if the baby throw toys, you say: “Throw the toys so no good”, do not say: “You’re a spoiled child.”

– Try to understand the feelings of the child. According to educational psychologist Denise Thornton (England), children need adult help in controlling emotions. Parents should talk openly with children about how baby feel. With young children, along with toys and learn how to draw, parents can “exploit” children’s emotions easily.

– Parents should set out a list of rules in the family. Of course, the parents must follow the “rules” there. Do not get angry, scream if you yourself do not want their children to do so. Children are very quick to imitate, to a good example for your child.

– Inspire confidence for the child by permit they will to make simple decisions, such as what child will buy gifts for the classmate’s birthday, choose clothes to wear …

– Do not forget to reward when kid have good behavior. Remember to reward children for all their efforts, not simply the result they achieved awards. Encourage your child to try to make more sense than insisting on the final outcome of the child.

– Be sure to focus on the positive aspects of the kid. Instead of shouting when child made a mistake, praise the good little children when they does not toothpaste from the tube flows grin. Then you will see results: Baby done teeth job “neat” because baby always tried to deserve the praise of the mother.

– In older age, your baby may not like mother behavior reflected “extreme tenderness” as kiss,caress more in front of everyone. Do not think baby has stopped loving you, just because baby is only shame. Give baby kisses when both got home, you’ll see baby still likes mother to be loved like that.

– Parents should consider the child’s diet. A balanced diet without additives industry, does not contain high sugar content will help baby behave better. Sugar make baby excess energy, lack of vitamins and minerals, causing brain disorders balance and lead to uncontrolled behavior.

– If your child did not collecting their belongings after they finished playing, try this approach with the baby: Get a clean-up child to play. Parents will set the clock “righteous” and see a certain period of time, both classified by how many toys in the basket. Sound of the bell signaling the end of time really children interested, they will try to get out real quick.

– Everyone make mistakes, including the child or parents. If you’re wrong, do not hesitate to apologize to you. Both parents and children must know that should be forgiven and corrected for the next opportunity.
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