Teach baby about shapes


Can start teaching your baby toddlers knowledge of geometry. Take advantage of all the time to call your baby’s name and see the different shapes.

Teach baby about shapes

– Please buy and read books for baby about shapes book. Babies can spot the difference in shape at the age of 18 months. The more you show baby lens, baby soon understands that.

Shapes are everywhere.

– Buy toys with different shapes or toys teach children about shapes. There are many toys you’ve helped teach children about shapes, has taught baby about color. The foam pads on the floor as well as promote the study of shapes in your baby.

– Talk to them about shapes. There are many examples in everyday life can teach you, all shapes and colors. Tell baby things like: “Oh, I have a book a rectangular or square?”, “I’d rather eat a sandwich triangles, right?”, “I wanted her to add this as an apple a square shape or round ?”… It makes you just practice your language skills for children, has taught baby about different shapes.

– Only the shape when we were out of the house. Life around is a wealth of shapes that you can show your baby toddlers. Only baby round fruit in the grocery store. Let your child see the circle of coins, paper money rectangle when you purchase. Show for baby the tires of the car is circle. Compare the different shapes between your house and home home neighbor.

Play the game shape: Buy different blocks and construction of the tower. Ask your baby see what the newly constructed tower and to add a little square blocks on top of the tower. When the tower collapsed, ask her classification square and triangle.

Please prepare: pen drawings, colored paper, glue and pulled manually. Drawing is the best way to teach children shapes helps children increase creativity. Little colored by mass of the mother or the baby block painting, collage you help me.

– As to the park you can help shape the sand with finger or a stick. Or you guide baby to draw with chalk on the table.

Note: toddlers are learning new skills and are ambiguous, for example, they might call a triangle is a circle. You should not blame or shouted at me. Soon, baby will know to distinguish shapes.

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