Teach agility, dexterity for baby from 7-10 months old

This period, mother always forbid baby: sucking hand, rub the page and tear the paper  … to make baby development agility, dexterity, and stimulate children’s intelligence.

 Teach agility, dexterity for baby from 7-10 months old



Mom, please take baby outside, playing with the leaves of flowering plants, advise baby only to see the trees swaying lightly with the wind every time. If there is no plants, parents can buy wind bells for children to see. Wind bell have many colors and every time the wind, it swaying lightly and create nice sound.

When children play outside, she should hold in arms, walk around with a talk, explain to children. Because children often go carts sitting here going, do not feel the steps to the foot, baby was not near mother. Several studies have suggested that: “The child shall be near skin with their parents, feel comfortable, and soon became a clever child.”

So much for children to play mobile toys, can run, with sound, so you can move in many different locations, direction and vision of children’s ear.


Baby listen to soothing music. Children do not feel the music when they has always been hear rock music, great sound.

Knock color bell for baby  hear, baby will remember the different tones of music. Note see how children react before the strange sound different. For example, the radio suddenly turned up, would make such distinctive sound of the children were more developing. Children hear the lullaby of the countries in the world.


Baby holding finger parents, holding the paper or you can rub or tear. Let your child wear a bracelet, or fasten knot into baby wrist. To reach objects within reach of  kids to get.

To go to bed for children’s toys kits (like a small roof, hang many toys) for children to do many movements hand as catch, push, type, spin, pull…

Do not ban baby sucking hand. Sucking hands as a sign that children enter new stages of development. It is the ability to put things in their mouth have appeared. Do not ban young sucking hand that the loss of confidence of the child.

Since about 6 months old baby, two mothers you to play together.

Children can play to arrange small box to big box. Play the closed box.


For young crawl freely. To display more immediate child items kids like to beef it up to where baby legs get to be very active. Let your child crawl throughout the practice to crawl period, not to be impatient for the young walker soon. Because of the development activities tendons and bones, stimulate the skills most active mobility skill.


Most importantly for the children in this period of language development. Talk to your children so much, read story  for children to stimulate children’s intelligence.


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