Support the development of the baby 10-12 month

At this age, most of the baby can sit and stand hand, stand up. Babies love the direction of forward movement to discover new objects. Crawl is how to help your baby stand strong muscles and a process of collection to support your baby. About 12 months old, the kids get acquainted with the first step.
Support the development of the baby 10-12 month
Development of baby

Coordinate control arm – eye: The baby can self-picking food expertise, pinch small food  by thumb and other fingers. Baby begins favorite activities stacking the blocks or the small to the large. Baby recognized the existence of the mother when mother move to the next room – something that usually before your baby to cry because they think the mother go. Baby begins to know to control TV button, apply the device to the ear and talk  “alo”.

Understanding the concept of hiding: When memory be well up do, baby can find things easily store that parents have just hided. Baby also pointed in the right hand is the parent objects called name.

Language: Most of the baby know the requirements simple and clear definition commonly used. Gesture in a wider variety of baby, shaking his head as you’d like to say “no”, just hand the objects when the name for his mother, waving goodbye. Be a better friend started babbles words “dada” and “mama”.

Support the development of the baby

Curiosity about the baby up therefore you need to get to the eye. First, parents need to create safe space for baby entertainment. Let things that baby can safely reach. Dangerous things, causing injury to the needs elsewhere. Similar to the first stage, objects such as table lamps, flower pots, warm, cup on the table to collapse to be yourself because you stand up, they will have to reach for the item.

Read: Take your time reading to children, although only a few minutes each day. This age, your baby needs a book description operation simple. Do your story with vivid facial, mother’s tunes, with each character.

Following the story: If your baby with your hands to the book, you need to ask now: “Do you want to read books?” . If your baby point to cow on the book, say: “This is cows. How cows call ?”. Wait a few seconds to react baby before you bring to answer. When reading to your baby, it should always associated with children. Ask a baby picture in any book, do not answer questions that limit case is “yes” or “no”.

Encourage your baby to repeat: Repeat actions help her build confidence and develop the brain. If your baby play build towers were down, let the baby to play this game. If your baby has just opened the page, read for children again this page.

Music: stimulates the baby relax. Like the first stage, you can hear the children do any kind of music, as long as do not turn it in to the process.

Help your child control emotions: if the baby is angry and threw an item out the door, pick up your toys and said, “Toy are sad because the toys were thrown away. You now he back, you do not your friend throws again”.

Set limit: Be aware not sufficient to distinguish the correct behavior – the behavior is wrong. So, please encourage your child if the choice is correct; say “not” when baby bit others person. Parents need to calm though your baby’s behavior is not even good, diversionary of a communication operation or toys fun.

Signs worry

– Baby do not cows or just moving in a part of body.
– Unable to sit, stand even help.
– No gestures, like waving hands or shaking his head.
– Lack of interest with the surrounding environment.
– The eyes do not focus.

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