Something should void when mother feeding

Period appropriate for your child to eat solid food, hard when children aged between 4-6 months old. This is when the child must learn to use the tongue to take food into your mouth, think and know how to develop their own tongue so that capable swallow  hard and solid food.

Something should void when mother feeding

Help baby feeling delicious mouth

Mother note:
Always offer solid foods and hard into baby mouth with a spoon, slowly put, food put on whole the spoon. Avoid put too much food for children and easy choking. At first mom could only eat half the food in the spoon, will drop out. Do not be impatient or worried, because then they will know put food into your mouth and gulp.Children should not eat food directly from the bottle/pot. Because the child’s saliva to penetrate into the bottle/pot ruin food.

Always monitor your baby’s body reacts to food: to eat baby vomits / belch, allergic, diarrhea abdominal pain, difficulty breathing. In families, parents with a history of allergies to any food, baby food when it should be prudent. As it can be dangerous to the baby.

Cereal foods containing iron can be mixed with formula milk or boiled water, cooked fruit fine grind.

Some foods make you eat your baby was choking and could choke, vomit / belch like: Fruits: grapes, bananas, … to cutting and feeding too fast. Meat, fish … not chopped as finely or not security. Types of beans, peanuts, beans … cooking with soup of the small but intact or dry foods for the milk.

Mom should put powder in spoon feeding small, compact food in spoons. All kinds of food to equal the size of an adult finger (equivalent to the size of the child trachea) have improved resistance to choke. Because at this time baby hasn’t chewed.

The “good” food special treatment of child stomach “problems” such as carrots, green pumpkin, lean pork loin, chicken breast, white meat fish. Mom can rest assured complete cooking these foods to your baby when baby is sick or show not good digestion.

During the meal, you can let your baby drink water or vegetable juice, do not drink fruit juice for babies, easy to stomach level. Fruit juice drink into a better individual snacks.

Not shouted baby in meal

Mom see baby retch many in meal that should also be carefully considered. Retch is the natural reaction of the body. Baby retch to fight food or baby retch by this food  too solid and incompatible with swallow of baby, baby is too full that you forced children to eat more.

A problem very “sensitive” when feeding: do not get to eating to conversation with child. It has extremely bad consequences there. Should not be shout/scolded baby when they will not eat, they suck food, baby spray food…. Mom should change or how to eat baby food for another. Not to mention making baby fear, psychological inhibition, children fear to eat, not eat more.

During the initial change food, if they have met the following expressions: difficulty breathing, frequent constipation, diarrhea several times, vomit / belch, skin rash, runny eyes or itchy eyes, formidable coughing, eat food to vomit out the food immediately, surliness when having meet foods that parents should take their children to medical examination and nutritional counseling.

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