Some toys for the development stage: 0- 3 year old

Animals (with several) or balls are toys suitable for baby between 6 months to 3 years old. This type not only make your baby happy, dynamic but also help parents save money (because your baby can play in the longer period).

Some toys for the development stage: 0- 3 year old


– Baby 6 months: Babies love to stare at the ball. This stage, your baby is also developing skills of hands as snatch, reach out and get the ball.

– Baby 12 months: At this time, baby can sit firmly on the floor and crawl under the ball. Baby known to use the power of your hands then throw the ball forward to pick up the ball.

– Baby 18 years old: they able to play simply throw ball with you.

– 2 years: Baby develop skill throw, toss the ball. This age, your baby is exciting to work with kick or dribble.

– 3 years: Be able to control a larger plastic ball. Most of the baby forming consciousness kick, shoot the ball in a direction with the meaning “scored”.

Note: Do not choose your baby uses the ball is too small because baby’s easy stuck inn one’s throat.

– Approximately 18 months old, baby can identify the ball in life or through books, newspapers. You should just hand the ball and suggestions for baby say “ball, ball”.



– 6 months: Babies love to chew the plastic blocks. In addition, the baby still beating strongly or generally hold the blocks in hand.

– 12 months: Be able to detect noise caused by the collision the two blocks together. Baby also interested in hand “destroy” the volume for which you have been classified.

– 18 months: Arrange the square blocks on the same skills often find this stage of your baby. Many baby also  ability to balance two or three blocks up the other without being poured.

– 2 years: Baby grown up the larger high; so skills arrange cubic of baby is more perfect. Baby can stacking cubes 4-6 success. Baby still be able to divide the bock by color; even, to pretend the block is the favorite toys like cars or the trains.

– 3 years: Baby can be able to arrange shape suggested by your pictures. That could be a fortress, a bridge, tunnel or buildings.

Note: Material for the best cube of baby from oak. They do not create sunken or bubble, peel during play. The only drawback is the price of toys is quite high.

– You can select the type of the wooden block but generally good quality for the baby. If not, soft plastic material is also suggested ideal.

– Research proven, baby gradually be familiar with the block game soon, as more active baby. However, parents should not let baby play alone, but should join with the baby.


Coloured Pencil

– 6 months old: Be too young to play with coloured pencil.

– 12 months: Baby can hold a pencil in hand and to move freely on a sheet of paper.

– 18 months old: Your baby will look at your drawings and samples according to mimic.

– 2 years: Baby can composed painting on a sheet of paper.

– 3 years: Many baby develop gifted painting began at age 3. Baby can be fill the circle, square ingenious way. This stage, your baby is able to identify basic colors 3-4. Baby can own the letters shown in the sample is capitalized. You can find interesting board 4 in 1  and pen with 2 peaks from Djeco for baby.

Note: Select the type of  pencil for your baby does not contain toxins Paraffin.

– Be familiar with the pencil soon, they will improve writing skills at primary school later.

Animals with more material

– 6 months: Babies love to touch and hold chewing animals with a soft cloth.

– 12 months: Be able to start the special love for animals around you. At this age, many baby animals tend to be regarded as cotton and you want to bring them to bed together.

– 18 months of age: The animal toy has a lot of different sounds less than appealing.

– 2 years: Babies love to play the game as the Bears cotton in common with dogs cotton.

– 3 years old: Be more creative language, new skills to assign the cotton animals.

Note: These animals often hidden cotton contains more bacteria and dirt, causing evidence of skin or respiratory disease to the baby. To avoid this, you should be toys for baby hygiene routine.


Instrument toys

– 6 months of age: If you beat your hands on a drum toy, baby will be very interested with the happy sounds from it.

– 12 months old: Your baby will “try to power” with the objects emit sounds as the piano keyboard, face drum, tintinnabulum …

– 18 months: Babies love the applause rhythms. Even baby still prefer “e a” with rhythms of music or hand shake, shaking the drum.

– 2 years: melodic sound from piano, guitar or the drums are very attractive baby. Baby able to play instruments by imitating adults.

– 3 years: Be able to familiarize yourself with the more complex instruments like the flute that blows steam age

Note: You should select the instrument toys toxic paint for baby. Because, baby like using mouth to keep objects

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