When mothers  expires maternity leave , to return to work, baby is not breastfeeding often is the time mother need to take measures to keep milk supply.

Some tips to help mother keep milk long time

Breastfeeding is the best measure to stimulate the milk ducts and keeping breastfeeding. Baby breastfeeding much then milk out as much. However, when working mothers can not breastfeed instruments and breastfeed less, so you need to implement measures to keep milk supply.

To enhance feeding the night

Should increase for children under 6 months old night nurse. Board should go on doing so at night you are breast-feeding may be the most. Most children should be fed more at night than in daytime feeding little kids but still get enough milk on demand. Breastfeeding as the night will help stimulate the milk ducts of the mother more abundant.

Milking before going to work

Before you go to work, go out and store milk in the fridge for the baby. Breast milk can be preserved were squeezed in around 72 hours in the refrigerator. When feeding should warm up again by soaking the bottle in hot water until milk is warm evenly. Do not heat breast milk or warm milk in the microwave for they will lose nutrients.

After mother finished milking feeding your baby to get milk to the end that mother can not be squeezed out. Last milk is milk white in color contain more fat would help her gain weight fast.

When the company, each engorged breasts, you can milk out and then preserved to carry on breastfeeding. If her regular milk, milk supply will be maintained.

Rest reasonable

You need to have reasonable rest mode to keep the spirit of true comfort, relaxation, avoiding stress, pressure, anxiety … Milk will be vulnerable to loss. When the body is relaxed will be very beneficial for increasing the milk. Studies have shown that, when you relax, your body will produce produce oxytocin – a hormone in two important sources of milk increases.


You should maintain a diet rich. Ensure an adequate diet nutrition during breastfeeding until baby 2 years old .

Note to eat dishes such as porridge increase lactation foundation rolls, chicken, sticky rice, papaya …, drink plenty of fluids and eat many kinds of vegetable.

Weight gain

After birth, you need to keep the weight reasonable for healthy body because if you lose weight too fast can affect mother’s milk supply. You should maintain a minimum increase of about 4 kg of weight after birth to keep mother milk supply in the first 6 months.



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