Some tips pick shoe for baby learn walk


Feet of baby are in development, so must know how to choose shoes, socks consistent. Ideally, your baby should wear shoes only when baby knows to walk about 6 weeks.

Some tips pick shoe for baby learn walk

– Baby legs are young, leg bones soft and easily damaged then you should avoid tight shoes may be make legs deformed, leaving the consequences.

– Babies’s legs often naturally curved. The tight socks or shoes wool … can prevent your legs straight out. Therefore necessary to give children freedom legs as much as possible.

– Do not catch baby bring shoes soon. Your baby should wear shoes only when baby knows to walk about 6 weeks. Before that they just lie, sit or cow should not have to wear shoes more than just uncomfortable for the baby.- Wear shoes fit young feet. Buy a new pair of shoes so the toe is longer than the longest width about 2 cm, to accommodate the feet are comfortable, not pinched and not too loose. Heels of shoe do not slip out when they stand on the toes.

– Shoes should be removed when the sole of shoe was deformed.

– Children with splayed legs, awry… Faculty need to be examined in physical therapy and rehabilitation for instructions on how to choose the shoes fit baby’s feet, to avoid distortions in the future.

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