Some tips massage for baby


Cool remote with oil is to help children feel relaxed, blood can be in circulation, and eliminate the ability to have the digestive disease. Benefits of remote resort for children with oil is to help children have been feeling relaxed, comfortable. Besides how this helps the blood to the baby in the body circulate more easily and cool when the action is taking place far simpler than many.

Some tips massage for baby

In addition, the cool kid with the remote oil also helps the muscles loose and eliminate risk to have the disease or digestive pain inside your body baby.

It is also an effective way to help you connect more closely feelings and your baby.

Cool tips for children with remote oil

The remote resort for children with oil can be conducted when the children from one month old or more. Cool remote process should take place from 10 to 15 minutes.

Before you have ideas for cool remote baby, need prepared all materials needed for the cool distance.

Time away from the cool kid is very important. According to opinions of experts, you should make a cool remote children in the morning or after a new baby shower is complete. Avoid cool baby just when remote gorge.

You should also make sure that your nails are not too long or you do not bare hand machines to avoid causing damage to the skin baby.

Let your baby on a mattress or on flat surfaces soft, remove your clothing and your baby’s first steps on the remote resort.

Cool room away from the baby so close to the wind, not too dazzling, if the winter is to have furnaces.

How cool remote

The front body

1. Gently caress face, starting from mid on to both sides.

2. Hand and remove light claws two cheeks, and then remove the cheeks from the cold. Continue to pat hand over brow and down the eyes.

3. Massage before the body and through the two arms.

4. Use two hands to create the circles clockwise around navel. Gently removed around the stomach and back up on the body.

5. Lift one arm and baby massage by hand length from shoulder to hand. Then, use one hand to light crush arm baby.

6. Massage hand and light mould, turn turn to each finger.

7. Repeat the above work with the other arm. Next switch to the feet, legs knead gently to help blood flow more easily.

The following body

1. Procumbent to children and gently caress the back. Remove baby around back then to remove the two vertical arms.

2. Massage gently over the baby.

3.Massage from all over the body.

4. Use two hands to different vertical claws live baby back from the neck to live burned bones and burned. Then, the light surf legs. Baby Gap knees and continue to massage your feet.

5. Using your fingers massage around my ankle bone baby.

6. Remove heel with a finger and use the other’s hands to massage the back foot to be.

7. The cool remote for your toes is similar to the fingers, knead, pull and rotate each in finger ? baby feet between your hands and hold light in seconds. Then, turn the baby back.

8. A massage from feet to back example, within the same bone over and down the other leg.


There are many types of oil you can choose to resort to remote friends. It is green tea oil, lavender, vitamin E, fruit butter, … However, you need to make sure that oil is not causing irritation to the skin and completely safe for your baby. If uncertainty in the choice oil you can consult the doctors specialized in oil options.

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