Some tips dress a babies

Choose any clothes to wear, how to wear to ensure comfort for your baby is very common on these questions but not everyone can find the answer.

Some tips dress a babies

Average infant will need to be changing clothes about 4 times a day, so if the first born child and also fumbling, you will have many opportunities to practice. Although very young at clothing or hate seeing it but they are at “doing” a lot and when grows up baby will tend to get used to this. However, to prevent her being tired, irritability, change clothes for your child quickly

Wrap baby diaper before dressing.


1. After supporting head and leg of baby, please wear diapers for the baby avoid wee to bed and then start wearing underwear. Because infant’s head is still very weak and should not control the two sides will roll over (although this is not anything dangerous), you need parry careful child’s head on the hand.

2. To remove the infant’s old underwear, stretched neck bra out as wide as possible to pass through the head and neck. Support your neck with one hand and peeling off baby shirt over her head, paying attention not to touch the collar of her face. This may sound complicated and need many, many hands can do is complete but when you get used to just make the finish in only 2 seconds .

3. Take off your clothes in the arm also perform similarly. Keep hole of sleeve as wide as possible, then pull the sleeves up and threaded her hand through it and then pull down. Hand to do the same way.

4. The child is dressed easier. Place your baby lying out of bed and lift each leg up and then gently put her foot in her pants and quickly pulled up.

Things to remember when choosing clothes

You have no choice conditions all the cute clothes sold out in the shop then you should select the most comfortable clothes and really need soft material.

1. Avoid buying the shirt is too tight, because most children will hate the shirt pulled over  head, causing suffocation feeling. Ideally you should choose the shirt buttons set in before or after for convenience.

2. These clothes have zippers or strings should be spacious, comfortable a little bit to not bow down, bend your elbow wear.

3. Do not buy those clothes have valances lace around the neck, not the cause itching, but here is a place of saliva, food dropping to hold on to long and irritate the skin.

4. Need to select all types of clothing, socks … fit the child body. The wear too tight and will make child legs and body were not comfortable.

5. Choose the type of soft, stretchy comfort for your child to wear and especially fast drying material for this stage baby change clothes frequently.

6. Avoid baby wear sweater knit or dress related  trousers because of the little finger is likely caught in the small holes in the shirt

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