Some new ways to help pre-school children know about money


Awareness of pre-school children know about money to develop slowly. When 3-4 years old, they often said that money exchanges hands and is related to food or other types of goods, and a What’s this you can bring in, bring in bags, but they can will not understand the meaning of full of money and using money. If you want to equip their children to know the background of money, here are some useful tips, as well as good ideas to help your baby.

Some lessons for kid to know about money

To understand about money, children must have time to learn. Although children can be heard to the school, but will certainly helpful if parents can start to educate children from the baby when we go old school. There are many ways for you to introduce the concept of children with money and many interesting games you can play with children to teach school children about this issue:

Playing with toy money (fake money)

Author money to help children can contact widely and easily with the money, including money toys like pieces of plastic with shape, size real money, or pieces of paper money has little, cut a square of .

This is good way to introduce young students for many different types of money (although you can always use a collection coins actually if you have more money now), allowing you to play games money with friends.

Some games have long been favorites of children playing games is to shopping: Children can role-play the sales or purchase. Vendor says the price for it in stores, returning excess funds to retail customers; customers choose products, try to see things, and enough money to shop owner. In the early stages, children only exchange hands a few cents, but when older children, with skills as advanced mathematics and knowledge has improved, you can play with a wider variety of children, more likely to richer situation (ex: pay back for how much exactly …)

Lead the children shopping at stores

Take the baby shopping together and join the times of payment to you – at the store really is a valuable experience for the baby, the baby will make eye witness money used to buy How to sell. This works equally well to what the children play games with toy money at home or in the classroom.

Shops to help children understand: food and all of it in the shops have prices. Prices of goods are usually pasted right next to it the price of goods is the value of money with that item.

Children learn by witnessing, participating in things happening around, so you can help children find things every child needs, say for the price of baby items, and money given to the fund when you baby to the cashier counter.

In the leads the baby, you can take the money baby, the baby taken to keep the car looks when you send your car to the rental car, or give money to the Vendor payment. When older children, make the children responsible for counting the number of sending money for a car, for the value of goods and baby you’ve selected.

Start saving money

To get a full understanding about money, it’s good if children learn that not only need to know to have money and spend money, but how to save money how. A useful method to help children be aware of to save money at home is to a baby gift for the pigs, plastic pigs, or save the box, even if children age 5 and up, open an account more Save in a bank for the baby.

With small children, money to break the pig is easily the best so they can understand about what is saving for when added to pig savings of a Vietnamese Dong few cents, and the contract amount to several cents time.

Books and reading

If you find that you need some scientific knowledge to explain the baby easier to understand the concept of money, to find a book, or Encyclopedia for children under 5 years old, the This referral generally quite short and the information is suitable for children: knowledge Summary money, importance, how to make money, the value of the money does what …

Lead children to local libraries, national libraries, book stores or children, or choose to buy baby books of science are often small; In the competition, exchange content, the use situation money in life, the formation of knowledge “money” appropriate awareness of kindergarten children.



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