Some good parenting tips for parents

Successful parenting is all about raising your kids in the best way you can. Keeping them happy is as important as just taking care of their massive needs. As you new born arrive, you are probably filled with joy and excitement but many parents find it difficult to tackle with their babies. Here are 7 easy ways to make your new born baby happy and playful. 

1. Provide your attention

This is one thing that most newborns want. They will make every effort to feel your presence. Providing your attention in the first few months of your baby’s life may help her feel safe and secure. It is incredible how a mother nurtures every need of her baby during that time. But do not just come running down at the slightest voice of your baby. Let her stay on her own for sometime so that your baby learns to struggle with their problems. But for the majority of the time, respond to their cries so that they feel confident, happy and build their trust on you.

Some good parenting tips for parents

2. Swaddling and sucking helps

Newborns need special things to stay happy, especially those things which mimic the environment of the mother’s womb. Swaddles may calm crying babies in a magical way as they feel cozy and comfy, just like they were in mother’s uterus before birth. This makes them feel secured and happy. Other soothing techniques like sucking also helps children in making them happy and relaxed. You may use pacifiers or encourage thumb sucking but be prepared to help them in giving it up later in life.

3. Learn their language

As soon as you little one initiates interacting with you, start learning their language. The more time you spend with them, the more you understand them. This is the reason why most parents understand what their child wants, than any other person. Start speaking to them in simple language that your baby may understand, like using just two to three word sentences. This helps them learn faster and in a happy way. Add emotions to your words so that they understand how to express themselves. They will just be happy because you are speaking in their language which is simple and expressive.

4. Patience is the key

Sometimes your patience is all that is needed to raise happy babies. You may get head over heels while handling your little one but make sure to stay calm at all times. It is natural to lose your temper on certain thing but remember your baby learns from you. So if you want to teach him not to lose patience, you have to do it first. This will train your child how to behave and communicate with others later in life. Therefore, keep that temper out of your house if you want to raise a happy baby.

5. Happiness = Good health

It is imperative to take utmost care of your baby’s health if you want to see her happy. Make sure she is getting enough sleep at night, playing well and eating healthy food. The secret to happiness is good health. If you are nursing, avoid eating foods that may make your baby distressed. Help your baby in activities that make them happy like crawling, kicking arms and legs etc. This will aid better growth as well as keep them engaged and they will require less attention from you to stay cheerful.

6. Let them help themselves

Although it is essential to respond to your baby’s cry in the first few months of her life, try to let them help themselves after they reach six months of age. This will help them in learning how to cope with different situation. Responding to each and every cry may make them totally fussy and you may also lose your mind. If they are going through immense feelings or tantrums, let them handle it themselves. Losing temper over tantrums make send wrong signals to your baby. Instead keep calm and let your baby calm down before you make her understand anything. In this way, they will understand that doing such things will never work and they will be more cheerful rather than demanding.

7. Spend time to play with them

Playfulness makes babies happy and assists them in their growth. You must have noticed that your baby is most happy when you play with her. Play interactive games that boost development of your baby’s mind during the first year of her life. Colorful toys and cribs often make newborns happy but the most significant part of their play is “your presence’. Playing helps your baby to connect with you, interact with you and makes her feel important. Have fun while you raise a happy baby.


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