Mouth is part of the nerve contains more than any parts of the body baby. Thus, when trying to feel or taste flavors an item, they will put objects into your mouth and start sucking (chew).

Solution when baby like sucking object

If you do not want your baby fails by small objects or objects can be toxic, you should not leave them where they can reach.

Time that interest in toys is like at your baby explore them by mouth. Period of baby learn to crawl, your baby begins to explore around by hand to observe and take hold objects.

Manufacturers usually manufactured toys including many small pieces fitted together; so if one piece was left out, it will cause injury if the baby for the mouth.

Babies love sucking toys can benefit by itching in the teething stage. Sense of speed in the mouth virus causing baby to do something and your baby more comfortable when sucking (chew, chew) an item.

About 3 years old, most of the free end of the baby “tasting objects”.

Solution for this problem

Objects like sucking behavior is normal in the baby. To ensure hygiene, parents should be classified group objects she can sucking (chew) and group objects prohibited.

If the baby has to prepare an item does not guarantee hygiene in the mouth, you can review directions contact baby. Yelled the general, if you want to make more baby chew objects to get attention from you. So, try calling the name of the baby, encouraging baby steps for parents to sit and gave the baby a bonus round arms of the mother.


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