Social Media and Distorted Teen Body Image


The parents of the young generation who are investing in digital technology, the internet and social media need to keep an eye on their young ones the best they can. Young ones of this era are growing up with all the facilities of digital technologies that are harming their body image also. They are getting the negative attitude about themselves. Teens and tweens are trying to act like grown up.

Social Media and Distorted Teen Body Image

Teen Body Image:

What is body image? It is a multi-faceted term. It means how your appearance is while looking in the mirror. It means how you are feeling about your body. People with negative body image see themselves as a distorted image of who they really are. They feel awkward, uncomfortable, ashamed and self-conscious. They can be suffered in depression, eating disorder and low self-esteem.

From where the teens do and tweens distorted their body image?

In this digital life, everyone is focusing on the beauty. Parents should concern about the body image of their child and they must educate their teens about the realities what their teens can face while on the internet.

Negative Body Image Amplified by the Media:

The impression of kids owns critical scrutiny is even hard on youth and it always exist during their natural body transition from child to young adult. The social media, imaginary movies, magazines, internet and thousand other resources put pressure on the teen body image in a single day. All these things put the teen in pressure like to be slim, even ultra slim, flawless and admirable and can create immaturity and personal distortion.

Social Media:

Facebook, Pinterest, twitter and other social media websites help people to connect and share ideas with each other. These social media websites can also help kids and teens to solve daily life problems and other issues. On the other hand, it can be the platform that can spoil the kids and teens. It prepares the negative body image ideals.

What Parents Can Do

  1. Keep an eye on the children while using technology and the internet. If they are using excessive time on the internet and secretively while locking the mobile with security passwords, it means there is some problem and kids are using some kind of websites that are too mature or disturbing for their age group.
  2. Discuss and communicate with your teens about the importance of body before providing the technology. Explain to them how to respect their own body. Explain all the details in healthy and positive manner. That positivity and healthy environment help teen to bring you closer and to get more influence with the parents.
  3. Keep tabs and eye what teens are doing while being online. This can help the parents to get an opportunity to guide their kids in this digital world that how to use the technology safely and securely. It also makes sure that teens are involved in healthy activities.
  4. In case after taking all great care still parents are feeling that their teen is suffering from a distorted body image, try to consult any professional as soon as possible.