Sleeping posture affects how your child’s health?


Looking at baby’s sleep is a happy with mother. Although with any posture mother see baby very cute, but the mom should know, baby posture is very important, can directly affect the health of your child.

Sleeping posture affects how your child's health1. Posture on back

Lie on your back is natural posture. Hands outstretched toward the top of the sleeping posture favorite of both mother and baby, because this time, baby does not look like a happy angel baby asleep.

The advantages of on back:

– Help your baby a full body relaxation, relaxed, natural, feels very comfortable.

– High safety, when baby is back, nose and mouth did not encounter obstacles hindering the process of respiration.

– Reducing the impact of pressure from outside: Heart, lungs, stomach, bladder will reduce pressure on the external impact.

– Easy to care for baby. As the world is back, just at a glance, the mother can clearly see every expression, movement is taking place in kid.

The weakness:

– Lie on your back will cause many of the babies head was flattened.

– Even with this position, the safety of child health will be high, but he himself may feel unsteady when there is nothing to lean on.


– When your baby has nasal congestion, breathing more difficult. At this time, do not baby on back.

2. Prone posture:

I usually love your baby tummy, as warm, comfortable bed.

Advantages of the prone position:

– Baby has a sense of security. As the fetus in the womb, the baby also pose nearly so. This is a natural sleeping posture with her instinct for self-defense.

– With the prone position, soluble translation of the stomach is not appropriate in the esophagus – the cause of vomiting is slowly moving down the small intestine, reduces vomiting in children.

– Lying on his stomach help children develop more rapidly, due to frequent training exercises such as turn over, turned, hold head up besides, baby limbs stiff and more strong quickly.

The weakness:

– Easy to suffocation. For children under 1 year old and newborn, the head is big and heavy, while the strength of the neck support may be developed accordingly, baby can’t flexibility to rotate, so very vulnerable to things like blankets, pillow block two nostrils to lead suffocation.

– Easy and difficult area of heat radiators. This will cause the body temperature is higher, sweating. If you do not attention to  wipe the baby wipes will lead to colds.

– With this position, parents will be difficult to observe move of the baby.


– When your baby is in this position, do not wear baby clothes with buttons, binding bow, the knot …

3. Lying sideways

This is position offers many benefits that experts recommend that parents should let baby get used to practicing this posture.

The advantage of lying sideways

– Avoid suffocation. Even when she suddenly vomiting, lying sideways to help push things in the mouth of the baby out quickly without being pushed back.

– Help your baby sleep without snoring, wheezing breathe when sleeping. If in other positions, baby is snoring phenomenon, mothers should switch baby to this position.


– Easy to cook in her, while many people appreciate the shape of the ears.


– With this position, your baby should not wear clothes with buttons, bind fibre side.
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