It really takes confidence to be a kid – no joking; I’m damn serious. They are actually confident and that reflects very much on how they learn and do new things. Be it entering a new school or stepping up to bat for the first time – they face several uncharted territories.

Self-confidence is mostly derived from the sense of competence. And a confident kid always needs a realistic and optimistic perception about his/her capabilities that come from achievements – irrespective the size. The words of encouragement from you can greatly help your child develop the sense of confidence and it would be even better if your words refer to the child’s specific abilities or efforts.

Simple hacks to instill confidence in your kids

Here are some wonderful hacks that can effectively instill confidence in your child.

1. Love them unconditionally

This is perhaps the best hack at least at the beginning phase of their life. The most obvious and the most imperative thing that you can give to your child is unconditional love. Dole them out with your love to ensure that they feel loved and accepted. If you somehow make any parenting mistake, just give your child a tight hug and tell her that you’re sorry and you really love her like anything. Remember, it’s only your love that can create a solid bonding between you and your child, and this bonding helps to build a strong foundation of confidence in her.

2. Don’t be a rescuer in every situation

Loving your child is the most indispensable aspect of parenthood but that doesn’t mean that you’ll rescue them in every situation. As a sincere and caring parent, it’s quite natural for you to protect the child from all adverse situations – preventing them from getting discouraged, hurt or making mistakes. But you shouldn’t do it every time. For example, if the soccer coach is not giving her extra game time, it would be her responsibility to request the coach – not yours. Children must understand that falling, feeling anxious or sad is part of life. Life is not a bed of roses. Life is full of obstacles and parents won’t be everywhere to advocate them or help them overcome situations.

3. Praise the child if it’s worth

It’s very important that you praise your child and give positive feedback for the praiseworthy things. This is even more important for the younger ones as they measure their achievements by your reaction. But be realistic while praising. Though it’s not recommended to criticize for every failure, you must not quixotically praise every result. The best thing you can do for their failure is to reassure them that it’s fine and encourage doing it better, so that in future they can really do it in a better way.

4. Teach the child to focus on the bright side

Failure is perhaps the most evident part of life. But children often feel defeated by any sort of disappointments. As a parent, it’s your duty to help them become more optimistic. Instead of just telling them to focus on the bright side, encourage them to improve the situation and try to bring them close to the goals. For instance, if your child is behind her classmates in writing, cheer her to learn at her own pace. And preferably provide her with extra time to make her writing better.

5. Encourage participating in sports

Physical activities boost confidence. Participating in sports is no longer the sole realm of the boys, it can help both boys and girls build self-confidence. With physical activities, they learn to practice and as a result achieve their goals. It helps them know their strength, accept and thus reinforce their weakness, handle failure, expands friend circle and learn teamwork. Physical activities including gymnastic, soccer, karate, hiking, dance and even yoga help them stay hale and hearty and learn to take care of their health. This is even more important for obese children.

Lastly, it’s to be said that with good instructions, encouragement, positive feedback, ample opportunities and lots of patience from the parents, a child can master her basic expertise. These would make her more confident and eventually your grown-up child is likely to thank you for how you prepared her to walk along the road ahead.



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