Share love equally- The nice family story


From the moment of marriage, I was like a girl. Whether students are just two children, I still hope that the two princesses.

Share love equally- The nice family story

I had seen the boy so naughty in my thinking, a girl better. But my first born a girl and a boy. Two children apart six years. I cherish my daughter is very hard, for her the priority is always better. Once I accidentally told her: “After this family asset will belong to you, I entrust my daughter’s full power to decide.” One day, I go shopping on, heard the girls talk to boys.

– After this you will save money going to rebuild the land and building is always behind. Then, very large home …

My son took the hand sister whispered:
– You shared a room with me. Do not chase me…
– Why are you chasing me? Parents’ home, the sisters must shared a room in rather!

Sad face of boy:

– I just heard my mother say to saving for only sister. I have no part. Do you promise me a room in house?

Listening to it I could not stop my heart, rushed to the son, snuggle:

– I am only joking, son. No story there. Assets of parents, two sisters are enjoying, I’m  not reserved to your sister.

Little boys hug me . I kissed you that loving heart filled with remorse. There are words inadvertently affect the hearts of children. I realized that I was wrong. Somehow that day I can say the words without thinking so. If not heard the story above, I do know my son always remember those words. I told myself to fix mistakes by share equally loved for my children.

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