Designing is fun, but when it comes to the baby’s nursery, consider safety and health along with décor. New parents are experienced shoppers but have no idea regarding safe baby bedding buys. Read the following tips improve awareness and your baby’s health.



The mattress, the main item of baby bedding sets, needs to be comfortable yet firm. Ideally, you want your baby to be comfortable, and we equate comfort with soft, malleable mattresses. However, soft mattresses are hazardous. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) is associated with soft mattresses and materials that cause suffocation. Speak with chosen vendors about materials as well as PVC covers.

Sleeping Mats

Sleeping mats are also a point of concern. Seek waterproof or dry models as opposed to rubber mats or those pervious to water. Soggy materials create health concern and could produce mold and fungi.



Bedding sets include pillows, yet pairing infants with pillows is debatable. Cushiony pillows cause the death of infants who suffocate due to nose and mouth blockage. Some moms and dads prefer to let babies sleep without pillows for the first year and a half of life. Speak with your pediatrician about alternatives.


Infants gravitate toward a chosen ‘blanky,’ yet keep blankets thin rather than thick. If the temperature of the room is a concern, dress baby in layers rather than buy a big and thick covers that smother faces and block airways.

Car Seats

Car seats cause death and injury when placed inside a crib or on top of baby bedding. Do not use a car seat as an alternative to baby bedding or as a ‘sleep positioner.’ Such devices are not endorsed by certified doctors, and baby seats should never be placed on uneven or cushiony surfaces.


colour toy

Infants and young babies grow attached to toys and items, yet moms and health societies devoted to infant health agree ‘bare is best.’ Toys, attached to bassinets or cribs, should be secured to the sides when babies sleeping, and rest areas need be free of toys and clutter.


Audio and video monitors give parents peace of mind, yet cords and wires are threats to a baby’s health. Keep all monitors and associated components at least three feet away from the crib. Any cord or wire within a child’s reach could cause strangulation or be put in the mouth.

 Enclosed Cribs

Enclosed cribs are popular with parents who keep watch on a sleeping or waking baby, yet small gaps between the standing cribs and the mattresses inside are dangerous and cause suffocation.


Invest in quality bedding materials and vendors who provide allergen-free materials. Cotton is a safe choice but speak with your pediatrician about manufacturers and materials that are safe for your baby.


While pets are lovable and get along well with babies and infants, even protective of them, due to dander and produced hairs create respiratory issues; keep pets out of baby sleeping areas and away from bedding materials.


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