Designing your own home especially when you’re living alone is easy peasy because you can simply create and bring to life the home specifications that will flatter your eyes. No adjustments needed, just only your wants. But, it is a different story when you have a family to consider.

You should come up with a win-win interior that will make everybody satisfied. Especially if you already havesss kids roaming around the house. And that is a real challenge.

What makes a family home livelier and homier? It is when the needs and preferences of every family members were considered. It is when everyone is involved in creating a harmonious interior that’ll make the home more comfortable to live. And with a cozy feel.

Below are some tips that might help you design a chic yet child-friendly home:

1. Add a Children’s Reading Nook

Who wouldn’t love their kids to enjoy a little space in their home for reading books and for studying? If you’ve got children, it is a brilliant idea to allot one corner of your home for your children’s reading nook. Giving them their own private space for reading encourages them to enhance their mental development. Just a little colorful bookshelf with study table or two chairs will do.7 Secrets to a Chic yet Kid-Friendly Home

2. Opt for Savvy Storage Ideas

A home with organized storage area to keep the home clean is a kid-friendly home. Keeping the spaces clean and all things organized makes your home a safe place for your children.

Establish a space to keep all kid-friendly things like their toys and things, while ensuring all hazardous to child are kept at a safer and higher place.

In this modern era, storages and cabinets are continuously improved in terms of being savvy and stylish at the same time. Consider storage options such as a modern Monroe storage dresser or the chic wooden storage carts that are perfect for your home.

3. Choose an Easy Maintenance Couch

The living room is one of the most important parts of the house as this is where the whole family always gather and bond. It is very important to note on how to select a perfect couch for your living room.

Choose the right material for your couch. It should always be ready for possible stains your children can cause, especially after a long play outside.

There’s always a classic leather sofa set which is easier to clean. You can just wipe the stains and it easily goes away. Note however that you should keep sharp objects away from leather couches to avoid cuts.

If leather sofas aren’t your thing, then there’s always a cushion soft couches in the store. These are commonly made of microfiber that’s soft on your skin. Vacuum is their best friends as this is easier to clean when used with it. This is also less prone to wear and tear.

If both don’t impress you, then wooden couches might work for you.

4. Opt for Circular or Soft Furniture

A general rule for a kid-friendly home: avoid sharp edges that might hurt or injure your child. Sharp edges might harm your active and playful child. Their heads might hit this next sharp corner of your dining table.

Moreover, having a circular furniture in your house adds an elegant feel and style. If you’re planning to buy your dining or coffee table, you may consider those oval or round shaped styles.

5. Choose Forgiving Rugs

Having kids around means spilled milk, juices or any kinds of foods anywhere around the house. And your carpets and rugs are not spared from this accidental mess. So before you cry over that spilled milk in your expensive rugs, choose forgiving rugs for your home. These forgiving rugs are easy to clean so you’ll not waste time removing the stains. Choose natural fibers or Persian for this.

You might say that these do not kid-friendly, then you’ve got it wrong because yes they are. Let’s have the Persian rugs as an example. These kind of fabrics are easy to wash and clean and the patterns are appealing to kids.

6. Involve your Kids

Some starting families are not into decorating their own home especially when their offsprings are just an infant or toddlers. This is because they are conscious that children tend to break a home by writing and scribbling on walls, breaking ornaments and home decorations, or even staining this beautiful sofa set. They don’t invest much on the interiors until such time their children grew older.

Some expert does not support this and in fact, they believe that a child who lives in a beautiful environment can make them appreciate and respect the beauty of their home.

So don’t be afraid to involve your children in making your home beautiful. Do not deprive them of a home that the whole family will get to enjoy.

How to make them involved? Ask them what are the things they want to be in the living room or their study area. Join them in choosing fabrics for their curtains, rugs, and beddings. Who knows, since they feel a certain sense of ownership, they will take very good care of these things. They will give importance because they love and personally chose what they’re using.

7. Go Sentimental!

Want to have a more natural and personal home decors? Why not make a spot where you can display pictures of your family’s most memorable events or trips. You may call it lane of memories, but isn’t it sweet to reminisce special events of your family every day?

You may also put to frame some of your child’s milestone, be it his/her first preschool art drawing or the first time he/she was able to write his/her name. Express your creativity through this. There is this stylish DIY material you can use to design your frames!

Whatever works best for you, it’s always what you and your family want that will define the beauty of your dwelling home.


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